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8 Simple Ideas to Improve Your Product Shipping Process

Product shipping is an integral part of the order fulfilment process. The process of delivering a product to the destination is complicated. If you want to keep your customers happy and ensure their good experience, you should implement the following simple tips:

Improve Internal Processes

The order fulfilment starts with the simplification of internal processes. It would help if you kept your internal processes simple so that you can speed up your order fulfilment process. You should try to make your long and painful processes into simple ones.

You should thoroughly examine your internal processes and find a way to start from scratch. It is crucial to get rid of bottlenecks and various inefficient operations. You should make sure that your internal order fulfilment processes are efficient and straightforward.

Good Communication with Warehouse Workers

The biggest thing that will slow down the delivery is inefficient communication with the warehouse workers. You should look out for different ways to make the order delivery system quick and efficient.

It will take only a few seconds for the processing of your orders at the warehouse. The quick communication links with the warehouse workers will help in improving the product shipping process.

Precisely Store Products

You should precisely store products in your warehouse. Make sure that it is stored in such a way that you can easily find any product. If you inappropriately store products at the warehouse, you will not easily spot the products in the warehouse.

It is imperative to determine the exact location of the products so that you do not spend too much time searching for the required product. It is recommended that you should not hesitate while using scanning tools such as RFID technology. You can stick RFID tags on your products so that you can quickly scan them. Ultimately, it will help in improving the product shipping process.

Make A List of Courier Services  

No matter how fast you have to deliver your products, you should always keep in mind that some services are better than others. It is recommended that you should check all kinds of services that are available near you. You should make a list of their prices as per the weight.

Finally, you just need to check your list and use the accurate services according to your needs and budget. The eCommerce business owners should look out for the different ways to do their order fulfilment service up to the mark. Some companies offer third party logistic services. They will help in storing your product, packing, and quick shipping as well.

Use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic data interchange is a method in which the transporters can easily replace the old paperwork with electronic data. If you can easily replace your paperwork with electronic data, you can quickly process the information. There are various custom offices where EDI can be used. EDI will help in processing a huge volume of data in just a few minutes while saving the environment

Make Connections with Destination Countries

If you want to ship your products outside of the country, you should make good relations with the destination countries. It is imperative to create useful contacts with destination countries. They will help you to determine which services to use. A good connection with the destination countries will help you to ensure the proper shipping of products.

Advance Preparation for Custom Clearance

The customs clearance is a lengthy, tedious, and frustrating process. Unfortunately, it is not possible for this process, and you have to implement this technique. The best way to simplify this process is to declare their product online before loading products for international shipping. In this way, you can slip your parcel and directly reach the destination. It is one of the best ways to save your precious time and money.  

Inform Your Customers

You should inform your customer about the stage of processing. For instance, if you have packed the product, send a message to the customer so that they stay updated. It is imperative to keep your customers informed at every stage by sending text messages or emails. Sending continuous updates will keep its customers satisfied.

It will help your customers to know what exactly is happening. Ultimately, it will help in improving your delivery performance. When it comes to your business, you should always look out for different ways to keep your customers happy and satisfied. Do not forget to send the message of “delivery” after the final delivery of products. 

Final Words

The product delivery process plays a vital role in the eCommerce order fulfilment process. It would help if you implemented the techniques mentioned above to improve the product delivery system in the order fulfilment process.

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