SYDNEY – Forest and forest life are the lungs of our dear earth. They are essential in maintaining the stability of the entire ecosystem and human life. Forests are the home for more than fifty per cent of all the terrestrial species found on earth.

But despite carrying such a load of values and benefits, most of the forest is being depleted and under siege continuously. These forests are being destroyed at a disturbing rate by unsustainable agriculture, development, tree logging, mining, and fire activities by humans as well as natural reasons.

If this all keeps going at such rate, we will be left without any forests, and our existence will become crucial. Fortunately, we have solutions or ways to get over these circumstances and make our earth greener, cleaner, and pure once again.

Let’s read on to discover how we can do that and show love to the trees around.


Conservation of forests and big mature trees have various benefits all around especially in providing regular habitat for many species, storing carbon, maintaining good quality water, and stabilizing the climate.

People find this place interesting for recreational purposes and connecting themselves with nature. Getting in touch with your local government and sharing the ideas of conserving the forests like creating nature parks, cycle treks, suburban sprawl development, and other such actions.

2.Planting Tress

When you are planning to plant the trees, the more, the better and it will never be enough. Your starting success will include restoring the already destroyed and degraded ecosystems which had a severe negative impact on the existing habitat and species.

Planting trees in your community should focus more on productive ideas such as removing an old tree which doesn’t have many leaves left by consulting a company like tree removal Sydney and replacing it with a new plant which will provide more greenery, better oxygen production, and shades for the peddlers during the hot summer months.

3.Forest Organizations

It’s time to go out and make time to support the NGOs in your locality who promotes the growth of new trees. Be a part of their awareness marches and tree planting rallies. NGOs are a great initiative, especially in the areas where we can see the absence of adequate and environment-friendly measures. Please support them with their charity programs as well after checking the loyalty of them as a non-profit organization.

4.Gather Knowledge 

Knowledge is one such weapon that will never hurt its owner. Getting yourself educated about your local forests, the kind of trees and habitat present there, how is it turning out beneficial, and what significant threats they possess for the forest and society in general.

The more you will learn, the more you will be able to contribute and spread awareness in others to take out actions. There are many books, documentaries, and websites you can take help from.

5.Forest Products

When you buy forest-based certified products, you are not only promoting the sale of organic products but also inculcating a healthy habit. Use your purchasing powers and encourage others to do the same to leave an impact on heavy deforestation.

Apart from mining and logging the agriculture holds the share of more than eighty per cent of deforestation around the globe. Avoid the purchase of beef, soy, or uncertified palm oil and instead go with the sustainable palm oil that came from the forest while purchasing.

6.Look for The Labels

Now that you have started opting for certified forest products, but some places don’t provide you with valuable information about the impact on the environment, plus many stores do not carry their certifications. You can demand and insist on them, showing you certified products with the labels and also educate them to promote similar products for the betterment of the environment.

7.Climate Change

Climate change is real, and it is happening right now every single moment. In the coming years, it will start impacting the human race and natural habitat, especially the forest lives which will eventually end up degrading the forest, the lungs of our dear earth.

The planet is getting hotter day by day, and it is already impacting various species up to the extent of their extinctions, which will disturb the balance of the ecosystem very severely. Not only the extinctions, but these changes will also bring more droughts, floods, forest fires, aggravated rainfall patterns, and much more.

8.Share the Love

The reason why the impact is so threatening is because of our ignorance. We often think that what good changes a single life can make and depends upon the other for taking the steps. 

You don’t always need to go out and educate others regarding this, start the initiative at your home only by spending time with your kids, teaching them the beauty, necessity, and importance of the role forests play in our lives.

Ask your friends to cancel the weekend party plan and go for a mountain trek instead, spend some time with nature, be thankful for its existence, and make a promise with everyone to keep it secure.