The restaurant business is one of the most successful businesses in today’s era. As the world is getting fast, people are preferring outdoor dine-ins, instead of homemade foods. No one has time to cook their favorite delicious food, and ultimately prefer restaurants to calm their craving for hot delicious mouth-watering dishes. Thus, it is the best time for you to open a restaurant and target your audience. 

However, just like in any other business, the food business also has many competitors and startups. Therefore, it becomes important for you to plan and set a goal that can help you to get an edge over other competitors. Apart from the key strategies, location, and business plan, one of the essential things that you need to closely look at is the commercial restaurant kitchen setup. 

Setting up a restaurant kitchen can be a daunting task most of the time. From searching for the perfect stainless steel lid chest freezer to the ovens, there are plenty of things that you need to equip before running a professional restaurant. 

The equipment you use holds vital importance in your success. Therefore, it is essential for you to choose the best equipment to setup a restaurant kitchen. So, what are they? 

The major equipment for setting up a restaurant kitchen is discussed in today’s blog. 

Key Things to Consider Before Purchasing Equipment 

Before going towards the main topic it is vital for you to know that the equipment’s condition holds equal importance as the equipment itself. Therefore, you need to consider purchasing quality equipment that can be efficient in producing the dishes perfectly. The key things that you need to consider before purchasing equipment are as follows 

  • Quality- when buying restaurant kitchen equipment, you must need to ensure that it’s up to the standard quality. Make sure that the equipment is in working condition, and comes from a reputable manufacturer. 
  • Space Consideration- look at your restaurant’s kitchen blueprints and think about how your team will move around in the space to get an efficient layout that helps your team to work comfortably. 
  • Pricing- this is the major factor that you need to consider when buying the equipment. For everyday use equipment, you can go for a higher-end quality and version. Moreover, to reduce the cost you can look for multipurpose equipment. 

Once you overview the above mention key factors it’s now time to look for the most efficient and essential equipment for setting up a restaurant kitchen. 

Top Equipment for Setting Up a Restaurant Kitchen 

Planning to open a new restaurant from scratch is often a challenging task. The right equipment you purchase ensures that your team can prep, cook, bake, wash, and execute the culinary aspects in the best way. without efficient equipment, you can fail to meet the demand of your target customers which ultimately leads you towards failure. But how? 

This is because the equipment increases the efficiency of your team and helps them to produce delicious dishes within less time frame. Therefore, if you don’t use the right equipment your team will eventually fail to produce the best delicious food effectively. Thus, ultimately your revenue will drop and your restaurant will fail.

This shows how essential it is for you to have the right equipment. so what type of equipment do you need to setup a commercial kitchen? Let’s know below. 

1. Ovens

In every kitchen arsenal oven is must-have equipment that holds a central position. However, the type of oven you need will largely depend on the type of food you will serve in your restaurant. For instance, if it’s a bakery then there is no need for a highly efficient oven used for a fine-dining restaurant. When choosing the oven keep this factor in mind to pick the one that meets your needs perfectly. The key things you need to consider for this must-have equipment to set up a restaurant kitchen including

  • Size- your amount of space in the kitchen determines the size of the oven you should have. 
  • Type- there are numerous kinds of ovens including commercial ovens ideally used for baked dishes and even style cooking, combination ovens, pizza ovens, and much more. You need to select on the basis of your restaurant style. 
  • Functionality- Decide whether you need an electric stove or a gas one and then move towards selecting the oven that has multiple functions to bake and cook food effectively. 

2. Ranges 

Ranges are the key component of any professional kitchen cooking gear. There are two major types of ranges including gas one, and electric that serve the need of any commercial kitchen. When it comes to restaurant kitchens you can install electric ranges for better efficiency. Even it also reduces the risk of fire and gas leakage in your kitchen. 

3. Food Processor  

A food processor helps your team to chop or make the slicing, and shredding process easy. The main types of food processors that you’ll need in your restaurant kitchen include buffalo chopper, batch bowl processor, combination processor, and continuous feed food processor. These types of processors are designed to accommodate you with the best efficiency you need. 

4. Refrigeration 

This is one of the key pieces of equipment to set up a restaurant kitchen effectively. The refrigeration system including a freezer and fridge is needed to preserve perishable food items securely. You need to buy one of the efficient refrigeration units to accommodate your needs perfectly. Remember, to buy a higher and more advanced unit that lasts longer and offers more efficiency. 

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