If there is anything that will allow a native speaker to stand out and match the pace with native speakers, then it is the success in PTE or IELS exams. Both are well-known and globally recognized English proficient exams that can turn the faith of a non-native speaker.

So, here are we lending the future aspirants a helping hand in this. Before you deploy one for your success, gathering vital information about both of them is essential. Everything essential that one must know about PTE and IELTS exam is mentioned in this post. Please don’t make the mistake of missing it out.

The PTE Exam Details

PTE or Pearson Test of English is a world-famous English proficiency test that any non-native speaker needs to take up to excel and shine in the world native speaker. It is considered a crucial admission criterion for abroad universities in countries like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the like. It’s also used for migration in Australia and New Zealand.

There are three versions of this exam – PTE Academic, PTE General, and PTE Young Learners.

The first one is used for admission, while the second one is for immigration purposes. The last one is best for non-native speakers trying to complete school education in a native school.

The PTE exam features three sections. The first section is Speaking & Writing and is 77-93 minutes long. The second section is Reading and lasts for 32-40 minutes. The last section is the Listening section and grants 45-57 minutes to the test-takers to show their competency.

It’s a computer-based exam conducted at testing centers spread across the world. There are a few good PTE practice software that can help you practice well for the test.

Future aspirants can select an exam center and schedule as per their convenience. The schedule details are offered on the official Pearson PTE  website.

The PTE exam score is calculated on a scale of 10 to 90. Generally, anything above is 79% is considered an excellent score and ensures the candidate’s success.

Once scored, the PTE score remains valid for two years from the date the exam is passed. Your score will be featured on the official Pearson PTE exam website.

The focus of the PTE exam is on general English communication skills and trying to make the candidate capable to thrive in the native ecosystem with ease.

The IELTS Exam Details

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and helps more than 3 million non-native speakers to firm their feet in the world of native speakers. It is administered in association with British Council and is used to meet the studying and immigration-related criteria for countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

There are two versions of this exam, IELTS General and IELTS Academic. IELTS General is used for immigration purposes and IELTS Academic score is considered for university admission.

The exam is divided into four sections, Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing. Each section is scored individually and one has to perform well in each section separately and overall. The performance is assessed on a band score of 0-9.

The exam lasts for 2 hours and 45 minutes for three sections – Writing, Listening and Reading. The Speaking section will be conducted separately. For this, candidates have to perform in front of a live instructor. It lasts for 11-14 minutes.

The focus of this exam is on English fundamentals like the use of punctuation, grammar, and vocabulary.

The exam can be taken in both computer-based and paper-based format. Multiple slots are offered for this exam and candidates need to book a slot prior. There are multiple testing centers for this exam as well.


No matter which exam you take to hone your English skills, there is one thing that shouldn’t be missed out on or overlooked. It’s using the practice tests. With the help of PTE practice tests and IELTS practice tests, test—takers have the chance to improve the final performance check the exam readiness before time, and get familiar with the exam format beforehand.

Having this knowledge beforehand allows a candidate to perform better than the expectations.

PTE and IELTS mock tests give a simulated exam environment for this task. So, if you want to stamp success in your PTE or IELTS attempt then use an online PTE or IELTS mock test. Practice, practice, and practice is a mantra to get success.

Ending Notes

English is more than a language. It’s key to endless opportunities. With PTE and IELTS exams, a non-native speaker can grab all these opportunities and kick start their career journey with bright prospects. Both these exams work toward the same cause and are very much similar in format. Pick one and start weaving success. While you do so, don’t forget to use the relevant practice exams. They are a great way to be doubly sure about PTE or IELTS exam success.