Many schools may excite a child’s imagination, visualization skills or artistic talents by way of a dedicated arts program; it becomes critical for the parents to show concern. Parents should be concerned with their child’s mental growth and future establishment.

From pushing the issue to the school administration or to being a parent volunteer, there are several ways you may also support the arts in your child’s academic institution. Let’s discuss some more details about the possible steps you may take.

Starting a school arts program

Whether you are finding a primary school in Kuala Lumpur or at another location, you would want your kids to achieve emotional stability and harmony by pursuing some non-academic activities at their school. If your child’s school neither offers a music/drama program nor has an arts curriculum, then why not get one started?

Initially, it is vital to show the school a caring and collaborative effort by building up the numbers. So, gather the support of other parents, community workers and art enthusiasts, before you approach to convince the school administration and legislature. As most children would want such art programmes in their school, they may also write requests and testimonials.

Strengthening your initiative

Showing strength means you must back up your efforts with thorough research. To have a new arts curriculum included in the existing academic schedule may not be an easy job. Therefore, you must be armed with innovative suggestions, and convince the administration and legislature with rich, research-backed material. You’ll want to explain how arts foster critical thinking, bring a positive change to student behaviour and reduce the chances of school dropout.

Raising funds for the program

Beginning a new arts programme or reviving a past programme halted by the school will require funds to continue. If the school administration agrees to consider your suggestions, then see how the parents can be responsible for funding. They can contact several grant sources like non-profit organizations, foundations, parent-teacher organizations, local businesses or your local Rotary Club to name a few. Even some universities may offer monetary and non-monetary support for arts initiatives. Parents, with help from the school, can also create programme awareness and host fundraising events.

Delivering proper arts education

Whether the parents raise funds from bake sales or opt for low-cost, after-school arts programmes for kids, it is essential to get the right instructors to educate them. Discuss with the school administration about the need to recruit well-qualified teachers who can develop an enriching curriculum for the arts programme. If there is a fund shortage, then parents can assist or volunteer for the after-school arts programmes. Volunteers have no stress of meeting curriculum demands or school standards. At the same time, they can enjoy being creative and making art fun for their children.

Creative arts are important to rejuvenate the kids and strengthen their mental faculties. It is equally important for parents to ensure that arts programmes exist in their schools.