Use Instagram Stories Polls to Grow Your Business


It is essential to increase your engagement rate with your Insta followers using Instagram marketing to market your business. Your Instagram followers who engage more with your content signal to IG that they are interested in it. This will allow you to reach a larger audience and gain more genuine IG followers. You can get higher search engine rankings and even appear on Instagram’s Explore tab. You can increase your audience’s engagement by using Instagram Stories Polls. An increased audience can result in more IG followers and higher engagement rates for your profile. This Instagram feature is worth learning about.


What are Instagram Stories polls?

Instagram introduced polls to Stories in 2017. This feature allows users to interact with the content on the platform. Your Instagram followers will need to choose one of two options to answer specific questions. These can be straightforward yes/no responses, or you could offer them more options.


How do you add polls to Instagram Stories?

It is simple to create polls for Instagram Stories. After selecting the photo or video that you wish to add to Stories. Click on the Stickers option in the top-right corner of your screen. Click on the “Poll” icon to place it on your photo. You can change these options, but the default answers for the classic poll are either “Yes” or “No.” There is no character limit on the questions, but there is a limit to the number of responses.

After completing the survey, you can share it with all your Instagram followers to see the results. You can view the results in real-time by clicking on your Story. Your poll will be available for 24 hours on IG Stories. However, you can highlight it so that it doesn’t disappear after 24hrs. You can see the number of people who voted for your poll choices and how many Views the Story received.


Your IG followers will be interested in the results of the poll. They are the ones who voted for the options. You can do this by clicking the “Share Results” option under the Views tab. This will let your followers know the results of their poll.


What are they for?

Instagram Stories Polls allow your followers to interact with your brand in creative and fun ways. Scrolling is an everyday activity on social media. Instagram has many Instagram accounts that post Stories. Because so many people view Stories every day, polls offer a refreshing alternative and allow users to answer the question. These are faster to grab the attention of your Instagram users and get them to interact more with your brand.


There is no limit to the types of questions you can ask. This will allow you to gather customer feedback and better understand their interests. You don’t have to use polls for business purposes. You can use them to help you understand the interests of your followers on Instagram by helping you reach out and seeking answers to questions about other topics.


To conduct market research

A poll in your Instagram Stories can help you find out your target audience’s likes and dislikes. Market research is crucial for any service or product idea you are considering. You can get feedback from your target audience on what they want to see next. This will help you find the right path and cater to their needs.


Showcase your products

You can also use polls to showcase your brand’s products and generate excitement about them. You can get a sense of your followers’ preferences by adding the products to your Instagram Stories. Your Stories can also include feed posts about products and a poll asking your Instagram followers if you’ve posted a new post about it.


How to use Instagram Stories Polls to grow your business

Use polls in your Instagram Stories to get a better idea of the interests of your followers. You can also invite your customers to give feedback about your products and services, which you can use to help improve your business. You can also post the results to your Stories and thank your Instagram fans for their feedback. Your Instagram followers will notice that you listen to their feedback and make changes. This will increase customer loyalty and help you build brand loyalty.

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Direct your audience to your site

Your Story can contain a link to your website and encourage your Instagram followers (after adding a poll) to it. A vote can help you create buzz around a new blog article or section on your website. To get higher conversions, tailor the poll to connect with the content you are directing your audience towards.


To conduct quizzes

Use polls to ask your Instagram followers questions about a topic. This will make it easy for them to interact with your content. You could also use quizzes to test your audience’s knowledge of your brand. Brand awareness increases when people take part in such examinations. You could direct them to your website and ask them questions to get their attention.


Encourage your audience to adopt a social stance

People are more inclined to support brands that are aware of social change. If you are vocal about social issues, your customers will be more willing to think positively about your business. Use polls to get your Instagram followers’ opinions on the most pressing social problems and what they are doing about them. This will encourage them to adopt a social stance and show your brand is socially conscious. This can improve your brand’s credibility.


You can create excitement around your contests, events, or campaigns

You can use Instagram Stories Polls to generate buzz around a significant campaign, event, contest, or announcement. Ask your Instagram followers to let you know about your upcoming events. Or announce your extensive report and see if they are excited to hear it. An even better option is to promote a contest and check if any of your followers participated.


To entertain your audience

Polls do not have to relate to any business goal. Your Instagram followers can get to know each other better by discussing business-related things. This will help them build a relationship with you and your brand.