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Choosing the Packaging For your E-Commerce – Things to Consider


If you have embarked on the adventure of undertaking online, surely you want to start preparing orders. And one of the big decisions you need to make before you start has to do with packaging like cannabis boxes in USA.

Do you know the key aspects to consider when choosing the packaging for your E-Commerce? We advance that it is not just about choosing a couple of measures of medium thickness boxes. Your choice has consequences far beyond that.

Packaging aspects: shape, handling, and cost

The first key aspect to consider revolves around everything that has to do with the packaging itself. From its shape and its adjustment to the product shape to what it costs to handle the box, assemble it, and insert the products into it.

Some questions you can ask yourself when choosing the packaging for your E-Commerce are:

  • Does your product have any special requirements when it comes to being transported?
  • Due to its shape, is it advisable to include additional inner packaging, such as in the case of bottles?
  • Does it have a very characteristic shape that makes it advisable to choose a specific packaging format?

Of course, we cannot forget the cost of packaging. Of all the options you have in your hands, it is better not to choose the cheapest but the one with the best value for money.

For example, if your product is fragile, you should not skimp on the packaging and opt for a thick enough quality cardboard to ensure that the product reaches its recipient in good condition.

In the same way, you need to keep in mind that custom cardboard boxes allow you to have a lower volumetric weight when transporting the package. However, you may think that these boxes can be very expensive at first glance. Factually, it is not so. So, in the end, they will allow you to save a lot on logistics costs, among other things.

Try to strike a balance between the packaging cost and its performance, and stick with the option that seems most reasonable to you. If you have questions about the most out of your investment in the packaging you need to get, top packaging firms help you achieve this target through persistent support. 

Safety and security aspects


In E-Commerce, one of the greatest concerns is to guarantee the safety and protection of the transported products. If you have an online store, surely issues such as:

  • Will the seal on the box hold all the way?
  • Will the broken product reach its recipient?
  • Will the packaging protect the product that travels inside it in all its integrity? 
  • Will inadvertently small damage be generated?
  • Is the packaging thick enough to withstand shock and movement?

When choosing the packaging for your E-Commerce, you need to consider all these aspects:

Choose a seal that gives you the security you are looking for among all the seals available. Make sure that the product moves loose as little as possible inside the packaging, something that you can avoid by using inner padding. If your product has corners, do not hesitate to use corners and/or cross boxes to better protect the product. You should use bubble wraps inside the box to protect the product form damage. Using custom CBD boxes for CBD products means you need maximum protection. So, the packaging boxes must be equipped with safety measures.

Find out about the different qualities of cardboard that exist and choose the one you think your product may need to arrive in the best conditions.

Presentation and branding aspects

In E-Commerce, the packaging is the first point of contact between you and your customer.

Purchases are made online, communications too, and the only physical moment that occurs is when the customer receives your product. As it is the first real contact, you must take care of this moment because it is unique. So make sure that the packaging you choose adequately represents your brand and allows you to work on your branding.

It may be a good idea to consider customizing your packaging box with your logo, your tagline, and a fun message to represent you. And you should also consider all the aspects related to the unboxing or unpacking of the product. How do you want the customer to live that experience? Much depends on the printing and packaging chosen. 

Sustainability aspects

One last aspect to consider when choosing the packaging for your E-Commerce is its sustainability. What is going to be the impact of that packaging on the environment?

In case you don’t know, corrugated cardboard packaging is an ecological material that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. By choosing boxes of this material, you will be minimizing your impact on the environment. You also have the option of buying corrugated cardboard boxes made with recycled cardboard, and even more ecological options than the previous one.

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