Thousands of you have called Shopify your home in the context of your online store – more than 500,000 to be exact.

In Particular, there are a lot of great Shopify marketing tools that will help you expand your business, and who doesn’t wish to have to do that? Tools to aid in marketing through content and social media to influencer marketing, retargeting, and many more, there’s lots to choose from. The tough part is narrowing down your selection!

We’ve done most of the job for you. We’ve rounded five of our top choices to help you choose the best Shopify marketing tools to help you grow your business. Let’s take a look at who cut!

1. Privy

One of the most effective ways to market your business and engage your customers is to offer the exit offer. You’ve probably experienced them before, appearing on the screen when you use through your computer to exit. 

It’s an excellent way to draw the attention of your visitors before they leave your site (which will always mean the risk that they will never return). To avoid losing your audience, you can present them with an incentive to make them want to stay for the long haul!

Privy is among the most effective exit tools available to Shopify users as they make it easy to design a custom exit plan for your company. If you’re looking to expand your email list or decrease the abandonment rate of your cart, you can achieve this using Privy. We love that their pop-ups also work on mobile devices and is crucial as customers shop using smartphones.

The most important thing to keep in mind when doing this kind of advertising is to ensure that you are targeting and message right. You don’t want to overburden your target audience or bore them with your promotions. 

Therefore, make sure you use Privy’s delivery and targeting features that let you decide when to present your promotion. Display an offer to customers with a specific cart value or based on how they stay on the site (to mention several factors). Privy allows you to control the entire process and great reports to let you know whether your offer is effective or not.

2. Related Blog Posts

One of today’s most effective marketing strategies is the use of content marketing. To boost your content marketing efforts, use tools such as Related Blog Posts. It is among the most simple tools to install and use and can impact. 

To improve your blog’s readership, it will suggest posts with similar content that hopefully, in turn, attract your readers and get readers reading more of your blog posts simultaneously.

Shopify SEO Services will help boost the engagement of your blog and improve your SEO. While it’s still on your shoulders to write high-quality content (here’s an excellent guide that provides suggestions on how to accomplish this), this tool can ensure that your blogs receive the attention they merit. 

And the best part is that, as you’ll find in the following article, this tool is completely free! If you manage an online blog, you’ll require this tool, and it’s as simple as that.

3. Vwala

One of the most talked-about buzzwords in marketing over the last couple of years has been influencer marketing. It’s certainly to consider investing in. However, the issue is that it isn’t easy to control if you wish to succeed.

Luckily, Vwala is a tool that will allow you to make your influencer marketing work. Through their dashboard, you can manage all the influencer campaigns, and you can analyze individual results, handle payments, manage promotions and many more. 

The system is simple to use and includes lots of built-in data that will allow you to see exactly how your marketing campaigns with influencers are doing.

Although you can manage your influencer marketing by yourself, it could be complicated and time-consuming when you are looking to expand your efforts or work with multiple influencers at each time. Since this trend won’t go away anytime quickly, it’s worthwhile to start with an application that can help to manage all of your influencer marketing efforts all in one place.

4. Spin-a-Sale

Who doesn’t like winning prizes? It’s all in the air, but for e-commerce companies, you can profit from that by incorporating a spin wheel offer on your website. 

All users have to do is input their email and name, and they will be able to spin the wheel to the winner! The Spin-a-Sale tool is a Shopify tool that allows you to introduce this kind of gamification into your e-commerce website.

If a major marketing objective for you is marketing via email, Spin-a-Sale is an excellent option that can help you increase the number of emails you send out. 

Furthermore, by giving away discount coupons, you’re certain to boost the number of sales you make – a win-win! You control the discount wheel, which means you can choose the type of discounts you’d like to offer, and how often each discount is to be displayed (for instance, you could create a system that lets the 5% discount pop more frequently than 50% discount).

Also, you’ll control the look and feel of your pop-up and wheel so that they will easily be matched to the style and colour of your current website. Spin-a-Sale is fully optimized for mobile devices so that you can target your customer on mobile devices as well.

5. Instafeed

Get the most out of the benefits of your Instagram feed and integrate it with your site. Instafeed lets you display your feed on your site to build the social proof of your business, increase sales and boost your followers on social media. The best part is that you can alter the appearance of your feed to ensure that it matches the look of your site.

Instagram is now the fastest-growing social media platform and one of the most effective ways for retailers to interact with their followers. Most likely, you are already using Instagram, and it is logical to utilize this tool to boost your social marketing efforts on social media. 

You can also use your feed to label your products, turning the feed you are using into one that’s purchasable, a feature that can help boost the sales you make. Research has shown that most buyers go to Instagram to find out more about products. Increase the reach of your feed by including it on your website!


If you have an e-commerce business through Shopify, You have access to many tools to help in your marketing. There’s no reason not to test these tools with affordable prices (some even being completely free!).

The tools offer a wide array of marketing techniques, including retargeting, social networks pop-ups and giveaways, content marketing and many more. No matter your attention, you can accomplish it with these fantastic Shopify tools. Use a combination (or the entire set) of tools to increase your sales and take it to higher levels!