In wedding flowers play a very important role in decorations. Different kinds of flowers and flower arrangements are used, for instance, for venue decoration, bridal bouquet, and a lot more. Buying flowers offline or from online flower delivery is an important part of wedding preparation.

When deciding on flowers for your wedding what you do not do is just as important as what you do. With all the intricacies involved, picking your wedding flowers can be helped greatly by hiring a wedding planner.

1. Not Trusting the Florist

Choosing the right florist for your wedding can take some time, but once you do choose your florist you should trust them. Explain your entire vision, all your ideas, your likes and dislikes, then trust in the florist to make that vision come to life.

2. Refusing to Compromise

You might have one perfect flower in mind for your bouquet or centerpieces, but that particular flower might not be available year-round. By being flexible and giving your florist some room to make suggestions, you may end up with a better-finished product than you imagined.

3. Ruling Out Expensive Flowers

Ruling out expensive flowers from the on-set of the process may hinder the overall look and feel of your arrangements. Give your florist your budget and ask them to work within it. You may find out that you can get a pricier flower than you expected.

4. Using a Single Color

Traditionally many brides match their arrangements to their bridesmaid’s dresses, choosing to ignore many other colors to focus on the one main theme. Flowers are the perfect place to add in an accent color to offset your main theme.

5. Choosing Highly Fragrant Flowers

While gardenias, lilac, or hyacinths might be your favorite flowers, adding an extremely fragrant bud to your centerpieces can be a bad idea. Highly scented flowers can aggravate allergies, cause headaches, and even make food less appealing. If youorder flowers online with strong fragrance it is best to isolate these to your bouquet so that guests with allergies won’t be affected.

6. Not Caring for the Flowers

Every flower has different needs, and a different lifespan after being arranged. Improper care of your flowers before the ceremony can be a recipe for disaster. Talk to your florist about the care your flowers will need after you receive them to avoid any potential issues.

7. Doing Too Much Yourself

Doing your arrangements yourself can seem like a good idea initially, however, it often becomes more trouble than it’s worth. Many brides try to undertake the massive project of doing all of the wedding flowers themselves, which can end up being even more expensive in the end than having professionals taking care of everything.

8. Ordering the Flowers Too Late

Waiting until the last minute to order your wedding flowers can add unnecessary complications to the process. It’s nearly impossible to get flowers within a few weeks, most florists will suggest a minimum of six weeks between the time the order is placed and the wedding date.

9. Choosing an Oversized Bouquet

While large bouquets can be beautiful and impressive, they may be lacking in practicality. When considering an over-sized bouquet, keep in mind the weight and how long you will be carrying it. Large bouquets can also off-set the overall look of your dress as well. Thinking about the size, comfort, and aesthetics of the overall look should be your main concerns when deciding on your bouquet.

10. Forgetting to Budget for Flowers

Your flower budget should be part of the plan from the beginning. Not factoring the flowers into the overall budget can be a huge set-back to the ceremony. Flowers can make up a substantial part of your overall budget, meaning that not considering them can significantly increase the cost of your wedding.

11. Buying Unhealthy Flowers

Some people make the mistake of buying flowers that are not in the right conditions. Make sure before you buy or order flowers online that flowers are fresh and free from bugs. Another simple rule when buying is to always compare flowers of various florists.

12. Not Purchasing in Adequate Quantity

If you have to decorate a big place then you, be sure you buy enough flowers. People usually order Lilies bouquet online or offline in less quantity and arrange them in small bunches but it doesn’t look good as a bunch full of various flowers.

With hundreds of individual options and thousands of combinations, wedding flowers can be a daunting part of your planning. By doing your research and making sure to do the right things and avoid the wrong things, you should be able to get the perfect flowers for your perfect wedding.