Why you should move to St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.

People live in St Albert for a variety of different reasons: its thriving commercial sector, its ease of access to nature, thriving downtown area, and mature three-lined streets. Outside of its beautiful façade this small city also boasts many recreational facilities, parks and trails, a high-quality healthcare system, an excellent education system, low unemployment rates and low crime rates. It’s hardly surprising that St Albert is getting national recognition for being one of the most popular places to live in Canada.

Here are the ten reasons people are moving to St Albert :

1. Easy access to the great outdoors

Residents of St Albert have a wide variety of choices for relaxation exploring the Great outdoors and exercising one of the most popular places to visit is the Red Wheel Trail which stretches from the Sturgeon River valley on through most of the city’s major parks and neighborhoods. Outside of these trails you have 77 playgrounds and 112 other parks that combine for nearly 1400 acres of designated green space for you and your family to explore and enjoy St Albert is about as far as you’re going to get from a concrete jungle the city designers focused on providing its residents with as many outdoor spaces conservation areas and parks as they could. .

2. A safe place to live

When people are considering moving their families, one of the first things they look at is the crime rate of any city they’re going to move to. They wanted their children to have a safe place to grow up and play outside. St Albert’s low crime rates are exceptional. And these statistics continue to drop year and year as the city and its police force put immense resources and effort into keeping the city safe. Making St Albert One of the safest cities in Canada. If your personal safety or that of your family is a concern, you will rest easy in this community.

3. Top quality education system

St. Albert has three distinctive school districts which provide learning programs from grade 12 to kindergarten. You can choose from I could even think of programs that include integrated digital technology, sports academies, learning through ART, French immersion and international baccalaureate education. The students of St Albert’s have consistently ranked among the highest in standardized testing in the province and have a proven track record of qualifying for scholarships to higher education.

4. High quality health care system

For a small City St Albert’s is proud of being one of the few communities in Edmonton that still maintains its own hospital. The Sturgeon Community Hospital offers rehab care, pediatrics, general medicine, surgery, cardiac care women’s health, and emergency services. The ratio of 2.5 doctors to 1,000 residents means that the residents of St Albert are guaranteed to get high quality specialized health care.

5. A choice of places to live

Most residents in St Albert live in single-family homes. It has now expanded the housing options available to include duplexes, townhouses, condos and apartments. Because of this property values continue to rise in the area and the increased by just under 6% last year, making it an excellent choice for real estate investment.

6. A thriving downtown

The St Albert chamber of commerce has been very protective of the heart of its City, ensuring that it continues to showcase the best of what the area offers. Bringing together a combination of natural surroundings, art, culture, and thriving businesses. When you visit the downtown you will encounter restaurants, cafes and over 50 independent shops and stores. Residents of St Alberts are proud of the number of high quality local food outlets you can choose from.

7. Access to fresh food

St Albert is also famous for hosting one of the highest quality and most popular farmers’ markets in the Edmonton metropolitan region. This is the largest open air market in western Canada, and it regularly features over 250 vendors. if you’re looking for top quality farmers’ market products that are locally grown, baked and made St Albert farmers’ market is the place to be

8. They love their events

St Alberts is also known for its closely knit and connected community. They promote this to a series of annual festivities and events where the residents gather together to celebrate. Here are some of the most popular.

  • The leading edge run wild race
  • The mixed BonSpiel
  • Cultural kitchen nights

If you are interested in a community that actively encourages you to become involved you’ll find many things to do in St Albert’s.

9. An eco-friendly city

Canada has long been famous for its environmental protection policies Saint Albert is the city to the forefront that puts these ideals to the test. 67% of the waste that is generated annually in St Albert is diverted away from its landfills. They actively encourage residents to repurpose and recycle by providing organic waste removal service. They consistently have food drives and clothing swaps to ensure this little city takes care of their local environment and reduces its impact on their planet. Recycling is just a way of life for the residents of St Albert Running seasonal waste programs and a series of special item recycling depots.

10. Become part of a community

One of the major reasons that people move to and stay in St Albert is because of its sense of community. Central to this are the over 150 different block parties that are held every year. Once the summer months arrive, you can expect to spend the long warm evenings connecting with others in your community. Having fun, preparing and eating food together. This sense of community is central to making St Albert a safe and vibrant place to live.

The people of St Albert see for their future. By building an inclusive and friendly foundation where everyone belongs, they believe that community starts with your neighbor. This has become part of St Albert has a unique identity as it fosters a community focused City with small-town values.