You are of course no stranger to ornamental orchids. Yes, orchids are popular ornamental plants in Indonesia and have unlimited variations so they are very easy to find in the market.

Orchids flowers (Latin: Orchidaceae) are flowering plants that have many species, these species are widespread in the humid tropics to circumpolar areas. Although most of the species are found in the tropics, most of these species live as epiphytes.

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Orchids in temperate climates usually live in the soil and form bulbs to adapt to winter. This orchid plant can be grown both outdoors and indoors.

Although orchid plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors, orchids are sometimes difficult to grow due to improper planting techniques. Well, so that orchid plants can grow optimally, here’s how to grow orchids. Stay tuned until the end, OK!

Choose the Type of Orchids

The first way to plant orchids is to determine the type first. Of course, you will have to find out for yourself what kind of orchid you are going to grow. After that, you can learn the correct treatment techniques.

Today, there are thousands of orchid species to choose from on the market. However, if you are a beginner, you can choose an easy-to-grow orchid, such as Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, or Paphiopedilum.

In every region or country must have its own distinctive orchid flower. Each type of orchid has different characteristics, beauty, and uniqueness.

In addition, each orchid flower scattered throughout the world has a different approach to care. We cannot generalize the behavior of caring for these orchids because if the wrong approach can be fatal to the flower.

Preparing Planting Media For the Orchid

The second way to plant orchids is to determine the planting medium. Many people equate orchid growing media with other ornamental plants. However, this is actually wrong and considered less effective.

In the procedure for growing orchids, you need to provide enough space so that the roots of the orchid plant can breathe more optimally. So make sure you choose a planting medium that is large enough and porous, such as charcoal and fern roots, for optimal growth in orchids.

Choosing the Right Pot For Orchids

Choosing the right pot for orchids is very important. If you use the wrong pot, your orchid will wilt, turn yellow, and even die. Meanwhile, some types of pots that can be used to grow orchids should be made of soil or have a good drainage system.

By choosing clay pots over plastic pots, of course the water can be completely absorbed by excessive watering. In addition, choose the size of the pot according to the size of the orchid you choose to grow optimally.

Carrying out the Orchid Planting Process

After you have prepared the orchids, planting medium, and potting soil, then you are ready to continue the planting process. During this planting process, be careful not to cause the orchid roots to die or rot. If you find such, cut off the damaged roots immediately so as not to affect other healthy roots.

After that, you can start planting orchids by first adding charcoal in the center of the pot that you bught form supermarket bangunan. Then place the orchid on the charcoal by spreading the roots.

First, make sure that the pot that you will use as a planting medium uses a medium rich in humus. This can really help accelerate the growth and maintain the health of your orchids.

On the other hand, if you don’t use a good planting medium, your orchid may not grow well. Worst of all, your orchids may die.

Finally, you can fill the rest of the pot with fern roots until the orchids can stand up straight. If this is difficult, you can use a protective wire and wrap it around the edge of the pot to help the orchid stand upright.

Caring for Orchids

In addition to choosing the right planting medium, you also have to pay attention to the care in how to plant orchids so that they can grow optimally. Meanwhile, this treatment process can be done easily because you only need to water the orchids plants regularly.

Therefore, make sure the orchid plants you plant get enough sunlight, but not too much. If your orchid plant is large, you can also replace the pot with a more suitable size jasa pembuatan website by amsa studio.

Well, that’s 5 Ways to Plant Orchid Flowers to Grow Beautifully in Your Home. The methods listed above can be a guide for you to plant and care for orchids. Good luck!


Those are some ways to grow orchids that you can use as a reference. Hopefully, by using this method of growing orchids, your home will look more attractive and luxurious.