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We Currently Accept Following Guest Post topics:

  • Business
  • Entertainment (includes movies, music and TV)
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • LifeStyle
  • Sports
  • Technology


Guidelines for Guest Post Submission:

There are a few general guidelines that guest authors should understand. These are as follows:

  • Article length should be within 800+ words.
  • Submit an original article and that has not been published anywhere else before.
  • We reject articles that are duplicate or blogs with spin content.
  • The article should be of good quality and are relevant with proper grammar and sentences.
  • Links in the post must be relevant to the post.
  • We do not allow any affiliate links.
  • Should be at least 1 image. The image size should be 1200×800 and more for featured images.
  • We provide a 1 Do-Follow link.
  • Include a 50-word conclusion.
  • Include a short author bio.

Advantages of Guest Posting:

Mentioned below are the main reasons why you should publish your articles on a blogging website like TNI:

  • Increase Search Engine visibility and Domain Authority
  • Increase quality traffic
  • Strong followers base
  • Brand Building

How to submit an article for Guest Post:

In order for you to get your Blog posted on TNI, you will first have to pitch us a post and showcase your writing skills and knowledge.

You can drop a mail at with the following information

  • Author bio
  • Article
  • A relevant image
  • The Subject in the Email should be  “Guest Post Submission”

Your content will be reviewed by us within 24 hours, depending on the quality of content. It will get published (if approved) within 1-2 days. Contact us to know the process of making a submission