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Ready Your Cameras: 9 Most Instagrammable Spots In Nottingham UK

Are you looking for a bustling city of culture and nightlife? Or a tranquil destination surrounded by nature and well-preserved heritage sites? Whatever your travel expectations are, Nottingham is a city that won’t disappoint. It has the best of both worlds: urban and rural, natural wonders and man-made architectural spectacles, and historical sites and contemporary cultural centres.

And it goes without saying that Nottingham is Instagram-worthy. You’ll be spoiled for sure with a plethora of sights and scenes to point your camera lens too. 

If you’re in Nottingham, we recommend nine picturesque spots that deserve to be a part of your Instagram feed and travel memoirs. 

1. Wollaton Hall and Parklands

No travel guide about Nottingham will ever be complete without mentioning the Wollaton Hall and Park. The 1500s Elizabethan country house set on a picturesque parkland gives you a wide array of opportunities for classic landscape, architecture, and even wildlife shots. Wollaton Hall is also home to Nottingham’s Natural History Museum and Nottingham Industrial Museum, which contains well-preserved artifacts from ages ago.

Wollaton Hall and Park are beautiful all year round, but we have a bit of a bias for Autumn and how its warm hues make this heritage site look even more postcard-worthy. 

2. Castle Quarter of Nottingham

The Nottingham Castle, a.k.a the “Castle of Rebels”, isn’t just photogenic from the outside — step inside, and you’ll be greeted by an IG-worthy museum and art gallery that deserve to be seen and photographed.

3. Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

From the castle quarter, you can explore the wooded rounds, discover Robin’s hood statue, and visit one of the oldest pubs in England: the famous Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. Some even claim that Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is the oldest pub in the country, having been on the site since 1189 and is said to be a known pit stop of Knights. It makes sense because the old-fashioned pub, which is a part cave and part ramshackle, was built into the rock face directly below Nottingham Castle. 

4. Castle Road

If you’re looking for shabby chic, white-washed buildings, then visiting the beautiful Castle Road near Nottingham Castle is a must. You’ll find quaint, vintage houses lined up with pretty doors that will fit your aesthetic.

5. The Lace Market

Finding a hotel or serviced apartment in Nottingham that’s only a few minutes walks from the Lace Market is a steal — you’ll have the chance to “time travel” to Nottingham’s glorious past any time of the day. 

Walking around the Lace Market will somehow give you a gist of how the city used to be in its golden era. Nottingham was once hailed as the heart of textile production in England, and this historic quarter-mile square area was the centre of the world’s lace industry during the British Empire. The now-protected heritage area preserves its old-world charm by keeping its complex of buildings looking beautifully timeworn terracotta-hued.  

6. Sherwood Forest

Whether you’re a fan of Robin Hood or not, you would surely love to trek this dreamy nature reserve. Sherwood Forest gives you that whimsical “into the woods” vibe as if you’re walking in a fairytale book.

If you’re an English folklore buff, you might want to head straight for the “Major Oak”, which is said to be Robin Hood’s main hideout. Major Oak is also rumored to be between 800 and 1000 years old.

7. Sneinton Market Avenues

Vivid street murals never fail to punch up a boring feed. And if you’re looking for the best spot to photograph the works of talented street artists in Nottingham, Sneinton Market Avenue is the place to be.

Sneinton Market Avenues is more than just an eye-catching, graffiti-filled spot for IG backdrops — it is a creative quarter featuring a host of independent businesses that offer arts, crafts, food, music, and even hip-hop dance lessons.

8. Hockley Arts Club

Everything in Hockley Arts Club screams “Instagram-worthy”, from the quirky neon signs and whimsical floral decor to their eye-candy cocktails and food presentations. This posh restaurant in the heart of the city has multiple floors, with different designs on each floor. With fantastic food choices and ambiance, you’ll be spoiled with a significant number of photography choices for sure. 

9. Cobden Chambers

Love pastel colors and IG-worthy backdrops for your portraits? Don’t miss Cobden Chambers, a charming shopping centre that’s home to a plethora of creative businesses that are photogenic in their own right. You’ll see jewelers, record shops, street food stalls, street art, and interesting markets, making it a vibrant spot to hang out. The courtyard area features pastel-painted walls and doors, string lights, and a lovely suntrap effect that add to the quirkiness of this cultural hub.

Putting it all together

All these unique places and experiences in Nottingham deserve to be photographed and relished by our mere senses. Take the time to soak up the lovely atmosphere, learn more about the city’s history, and experience as much cultural journey as possible in Nottingham.

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