Every company has its theme for its packaging case. And that packaging makes them distinctive from other firms. In these competitive times, everyone is trying to get themselves noticed. But it has become difficult because you would also need a unique idea for your firm. In the competition of proving ourselves more efficiently than others, we need a unique idea. Many firms use various types of packaging cases in terms of shape, size, dimension, and domains. Pyramid boxes are the type of cases that can attract customers and, at the same time, make your product look appealing. In this article, we will discuss why pyramid cases can uplift your firm marketing and what characteristics they have to do so.

Manufacture your custom boxes with durable material

The first and foremost duty of any packaging is to protect the merchandise that gets placed inside it. But if the packaging cases itself are not long-lasting, then your product would not get secured. Make sure the packaging cases are suitable for the proposed merchandise. To make sure that the product does not get affected or break down with a sudden jump. Always design your packaging boxes according to the product’s size and dimension.

Climate-friendly materials are helpful when it comes to sales, and it is useful for living beings too. You cannot use toxic substances if you wish to preserve the product as it is. Governments worldwide are striving their best to instruct and notify people about the growing issues of environmental pollution. People have started switching to eco-friendly stuff. When you use non-toxic glue and other material, then your product does not get affected. Many people think that if they use a cardboard case, then the package is eco-friendly. But this is not accurate. You have to use recyclable plastic and boxes, and corrugated bubble wraps to make your pyramid boxes wholesale 100% climate-friendly.

Customize the packaging box with logo and slogan

The logo is the signature of your company. It tells the customers that the product belongs to an authentic company. Wherever your packaging box goes, the logo acts as an advertising agent. That’s why try to use a unique logo. Customize your trademark and phrases in a way that the public would search for your firm and your product once they have a glimpse of your packaging case. A proverb is a saying that gets used in a business advertisement to attract observers. The more catchy your motto is, the more people would pick up your product from the market’s shelf. Your slogan should be some words, not sentences.

Use suitable colors and fonts for your printed packaging boxes

Have you ever stumbled upon a branding style and wondered what tones you want for your product packaging cases? If you did, When a graphic designer works on branding, then contrasting factors and typography get the most time. If these two factors are on one point, then the design would not be appealing. The same goes for space and arrangement of your fonts. The more professional a designer is, the more he would focus on the fonts and pigmentations.

The fail in branding occurs when people ignore space, tones, fonts, contrasting factors, and gradients. Use the expanse carefully and arrange the sentences accordingly on your custom pyramid boxes. Do not underestimate these factors and get a sleek and distinctive appearance.

Customize the cardboard boxes with various printing techniques

Many vendors use different types of methods to get a perfect appearance for the packaging. Some procedures use heavy machinery, and some of them get done in little time. We are discussing some of the techniques so that you can choose the perfect one for your cases.


This process got introduced in Germany in 1796 by author Alois Senefelder. This method got its name because, in Latin, litho means stone. He wrote his script on a limestone using greasy crayons and then printing them with rolled-on ink. But now many modern and high tech pieces of machinery get used to carrying out this process.

Offset printing

Ira Washington Rubel introduced this printing technique. In this process, an inked image gets transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket. And from that blanket to the printing surface. This printing technique gets done on a large scale, such as printing newspapers, brochures, magazines, etc.

Engraving and Embossing

Engraving is a technique in which a selected design or text gets flattened. And embossing is a technique in which the texture, design, or text get inflated. The flattened area in the engraving technique gets colored with different pigments and can also get customized with metalized foils. These methods give a 3-dimensional look to your pyramid boxes.

Screen Printing

In this technique, vendors use plastisol ink or water-based ink for your screen printing. These kinds of inks are the most favorable and long-lasting as they are most absorbable. In this method, a mesh gets used to transfer ink among different areas. And blocking utensils get used to not letting the ink go to unwanted space.

Digital printing

For digital printing, you only need to have an electronic file. You can get the file from the internet and can get rid of excessive work. It gets done on any level and does not require a lot of time.

 Use the Metabolized foils

Customizing the boxes with metalized foils has become a trend. These techniques give a smooth and polished exterior. YOu can use silver, gold, and aluminum foils for a fresh and shiny appearance. When you use these types of packaging boxes, then customers get attracted easily. Now get the cheap pyramid boxes online and attract the customers with ease.

Summing it Up

A pyramid box is a strange shape that is unlike any other box. Seeing this on shelf space will give your products an elite status over the rest. Once you decide on a box spice it up!