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Does penis length recover after prostate removal?

After prostate removal for cancer, men sometimes complain to their doctors that their penis shrank, but a new study from Japan suggests they should not lose hope. Following men for up to two years after surgery, researchers found the patients’ ...

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Foods to eat for Flat Stomach

In addition to regular exercise, you’ll also want to add some fat burning foods to your diet to help trim your waistline. Foods that are high in protein and fibre are the best kinds of food to eat if you ...

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A cot mattress that mimics the womb

LONDON: It’s a dream come true for tired-out-moms – a revolutionary new cot mattress which mimics the sensation of the womb to keep babies happy at night. The Easidream mattress, invented by a British mother- of-six, Lynda Harding, has a ...

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‘Havan’ for bacteria-free homes: Study

LUCKNOW: Want to lead a healthy life and free your home from bacteria? Perform ‘havan’ at regular intervals. A study carried out by a team of scientists at National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) here has claimed that smoke emitted during ...

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A sweeter broccoli to cut heart diseases

MELBOURNE: Scientists claimed to have developed a new variety of broccoli that is not only grown naturally, but also tastes sweeter and has 40 per cent more anti-oxidants than the normal to reduce risks of heart disease and cancer. Scientists ...

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Kissing can cause herpes

MELBOURNE: If you think a kiss is just a kiss, you might want to think again, for the simple pleasure now comes with a health warning-it can cause herpes. The Australian Herpes Management Forum, which is to start an awareness ...

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