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Newborn bitten by rodents in Banswara hospital, Child commission takes cognizance

Udaipur : In a heartrending incident a 4-day old infant was bitten many times on his hand in the district civil hospital at Banswara on Monday morning. The incident took place early morning during a power failure and hence the parents and nursing staff couldn’t understand why the baby wailed so badly. Later when the mother saw blood oozing out from the infant’s hand, she realized what the little creature went through. The PHED minister and incharge of Banswara district Sushil Katara visited the hospital on Tuesday and comforted the parents. The child rights protection commission too has taken a cognizance in the matter and directed the Child Welfare Committee to hold an enquiry.

Priyanka a resident of Chanduji-ka-guda village had delivered a baby boy on Friday and they were admitted in the post natal care ward of the government MG hospital. On Monday morning around 5, there had been a power cutoff and while the baby’s mother was fast asleep, rodents crept on the bed and bit the infant’s hand at many places. The newborn cried out of pain but the mother and attendants couldn’t make out the reason. Later they saw wounds of the rat bites. On Tuesday state minister Sushil Katara made a surprise visit to the hospital and directed the authorities to take stern action against the staff responsible for the incident. He also visited the blood bank, women’s ward, OPD and inspected the attendance register.


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