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WMCoin: New cryptocurrency coming

WMCoinWMCoin currency was born on February 20, 2016, WMCoin coins to create the a new anonymous methods, WMCoin currency core algorithm uses 90%POS. The remaining 10% using POS mining. Total amount is 1 billion. WMCoin currency is the founder of a group of coins and tokens of fans and supporters, after see coins and tokens, we decided to do their own strength, using the latest technology, to develop a suitable for Chinese people, everyone can participate in the currency of digital encryption.

Highlights of WMCoin:

  • WMCoin is the next gerneration crypto currency;
  • WMCoin achieved a strategic cooperation with the largest entertainment video plateform “BBIN”- the most famous entertainment plateform in Asia; You can easily visit the game plateform directly by click the link below;
  • WMCoin is a coin with real infrastructure and strong partnerships;
  • WMCoin supports fast transactions and privacy using decentralized technology;
  • WMCoin is POW+POS coin with a total of 1,000 million coins.90% premined and 10% will be mined in POS stage;
  • WMCoin uses the X11 algorithm for mining.

Specifics of WMCoin

Ticker: WMC

Algo:X11& POS

Block Time :60 s

Max PoW Mining supply: 900 M coins

PoS :100M coins

Windows Client Download: https://mega.nz/#!m5USmBbY!ip1RwnZ5krzqyRkJqsVH8PGs9tr5MrgmtiNjMBcsbRQ/

MAC Client Download: https://mega.nz/#!ahEXGB7D!451wufpVFXzEfEUk8n59jxoubcJ_K5HDProXD94u7Ag/

Official website: http://www.wemcoin.com/
Cryptocurrencies are an exciting new development in the world of finance. No one is quite sure yet where the technology will lead, but the fact remains that these new currencies offer possibilities that traditional cash can’t.


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