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Study finds that 42% of Brits lie about how charitable they are

Study conducted by UK voucher code website reveals exactly those numbers – 42% of the 2,158 people polled in the UK lie about how charitable they are. And 67% of them say they wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. All respondents were adults, age 18 and over, and the study group was evenly split between men and women.

‘>According to the study, some people even lie (and are willing to confess to it) about doing the charitable work someone else had actually done. Who did people lie to? The biggest number (35%) of the respondents said they had lied to their work collegues while the next biggest group (26%) had lied to their partner. Another 21% had lied to the members of their family and 17 to their friends. So far, only 11% had been caught in the lie.

Chris Reilly, General Manager of My Voucher Codes, the company that polled the people, said that “Sometimes raising money for charity can bring out a competitive edge in people. This can be good news for charities, however it’s shocking to see people actually lying about how much money they have raised or how much money they have donated. The only people really losing out here are the charities, but some peoples’ egos are certainly being boosted.”

What did the people lie about exactly?
– How much money they had raised (more than they raised) – 45%
– How much money they had donated (more than they in fact donated) – 45%
– What they did to raise money for charity – 32%
– What charities they donated too – 37%
– Why they were raising money – 23%
– Volunteering time to a charity/cause when they hadn’t – 17%
– Claiming someone else’s charity work as their own – 8%

“I can see how easily a little white lie about how much you donated or made for charity with work colleagues or family members might not seem like a bad thing, especially if it’s a rounded up figure or just a few pounds over. But exaggerating £100s of pounds over is a sure fire way to get noticed and more of a chance of you being

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