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Innovations in gaming tech?

Innovations in gaming tech

Innovations in gaming tech

The technology has come a long way within the past 3 decades or so. And the more technological advances there are in general, the more you can expect gaming tech to develop. I personally started playing games on Commodore 64 (originally released in 1982), followed by IMB 386 (released in 1985). Of course, I got my hands on both of them 10+ years later as they weren’t that easy to come by in the beginning, plus I probably wouldn’t have known what to do with them while being freshly out of the womb.

The technology has changed a lot since then, and so have everything related to it. Independent of whether you’re talking about playing online pokies from your smartphone or enjoying the virtual worlds in the latest RPGs.

However, as it turns out (according to Cracked), many of the latest gaming innovations aren’t really innovations but remakes of ideas from the past that didn’t use to work that nicely before.

Like Handheld 3D Gaming which actually got started already back in 1983, but which most people think was developed by Nintendo in 2011.

Like Touchscreen Gaming which kind of got started in 1982 with The Vectrex, but which most people think it was done again by Nintendo in 2004.

Like Motion Control which has been around since 1977 (The Pantomation), but which we think was first implemented in 2006 by The Nintendo Wii.

So while there have been lots of innovations in gaming tech during the last decade or two, some of them were actually not new ideas at all. And the one ones we mentioned are just a few of the “innovations” which were actually developed already decades earlier, but which due to either the early days of technological development didn’t become too popular or for some other reason, never became so known.

Some innovations obviously that could be mentioned, that are not remakes from the past, are definitely mobile gaming, which couldn’t have existed, well, before there were actually mobiles, smartphones  capable of any gaming at all. Also virtual reality gaming which is still in its baby shoes. Or augmented reality which is a really cool new thing as well.


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