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SC ban on new diesel vehicles in Delhi: All you need to know

In a string of tough measures aimed at cleaning up Delhi’s air, the Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered a moratorium on new large diesel cars until March 31. The decision has caused enthusiasm among environmentalists and disappointment in the auto industry.

Here, in brief, is all you need to know about the apex court order:

1. Sport-utility vehicles and other diesel cars with an engine capacity of 2,000 cc or more are banned in the national capital region until March 31. This effectively stops the sale of popular vehicles such as Toyota’s Innova, Mahindra & Mahindra’s Scorpio, the Tata Safari and Sumo, and Mitsubishi Pajero during the ban period.

2. Luxury car-makers across the board will be hit as most of their best-sellers are diesel-driven. For instance, the smallest diesel engine for segment leader Mercedes is 2,143cc.

3. Existing diesel cars can continue to ply.

4. All taxis and cab services — Ola, Uber or otherwise — will have to shift to CNG by March 31.

5. Trucks registered before 2005 are barred from entering the city.

6. The green cess levied on commercial vehicles entering Delhi has been hiked by 100%.

7. The SC will consider a plea for new registrations when Euro-4 diesel engines with improved emission standards are introduced in April next year.

8. Buyers of diesel vehicles should pay environment compensation charge while getting their cars registered.

9. Any commercial vehicle not bound for Delhi will no longer be allowed to enter the city through entry points at National Highway 1 and 8.

10. Delhi currently has 8.5 million vehicles — up 97% from 2000 — and adds 1,400 new cars to its streets every day.

11. More than 23% of the cars on Delhi roads run on diesel, which produces more carcinogens than petrol, according to the think tank Centre for Science and Environment.

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