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Facebook is redesigning the Notes feature with a blog style interface

If you were around back in the early days of Facebook, then you surely remember Notes. They were the only way to post a lengthier piece of text on your wall and really satisfied a need, left out by statuses. Since then, however, much has changed, Facebook has risen the character limit and Notes were pushed to the side. They are still around, but you have to really know where to look for them to create one and it is barely distinguishable from a regular post anyway.

Facebook is planning to change this and reimagine its Notes function. The new feature was spotted online and is apparently already in testing. You can actually check it out for yourself at the source link. From the looks of it, Notes will become Facebook’s take on blogging. The new UI is wider and has a big photo on top, not unlike a cover. The title is also clear and big. The text itself is formatted with in a relaxed matter with a lot of room on all sides, just as it should for a pleasant reading experience. A Facebook spokesman had this to say about the new Notes:

We’re testing an update to Notes to make it easier for people to create and read longer-form stories on Facebook,

Facebook is definitely be on to something, as the blogging fad might have become less trendy and bested by richer, quicker and more convenient mediums, but it still has its place online and is far from dead. With Facebook’s massive existing user base and audience, the reimagined blog could definitely flourish, especially if the functionality is neatly and seamlessly integrated.

Speaking of which, it is interesting to see how Facebook handles its redesigned Notes on smaller devices and its mobile apps. If the social giant plays its card correctly, Facebook blogging might become the next big old thing in social media.

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