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UK plans mandatory jobs `boot camp` for unemployed youngsters

Education News The compulsory three-week programme will take place in job centre classrooms across the UK. The scheme, to be introduced from April 2017, is part of a wider policy that jobless youth aged between 18 and 21 would be required to get work experience and look for jobs or face losing their benefits after being unemployed for six months.

Cabinet Minister Matthew Hancock, who was appointed by Prime Minister David Cameron to chair a key ‘Earn or Learn Taskforce’ to drive through the reforms, unveiled the plans for the new Intensive Activity Programme.

Hancock, also Britain’s Paymaster General, said he wanted to create a no excuses culture to youth unemployment.

By working across government to make sure that every young person is in work or training, by opening up three million more apprenticeships, expanding traineeships, and making sure that a life on benefits is simply not an option, we want to end rolling welfare dependency for good, so welfare dependency is no longer passed down the generations, he said.

We are absolutely committed to ending long-term youth unemployment and building a country for workers, where nobody is defined by birth and everyone can achieve their potential, said Hancock, who was appointed by British Prime Minister David Cameron to chair a government.

The unemployed youth in age 18-21 age group will be ordered to attend these training sessions in the first three weeks of claiming out-of-work payments. A dedicated work coach will work with jobseekers and review what was achieved during the initial course.

According to figures released last week, UK unemployment total rose for the first time in two years, with 1.85 million unemployed people between March and May 2015 — an increase of 15,000 from the previous quarter. The Conservative party previously suggested the boot camp idea for unemployed young people in 2008.

Source: PTI

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