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MH370 hunt: Debris very likely from Boeing 777, being sent to France, says Malaysia PM

Canberra: Calling the La Reunion Island debris a “major lead” in the long hunt for MH370 jet, Australian Transport Minister Warren Truss on Thursday told reporters that it was a “first real evidence” in the search for the missing plane.
Meanwhile, Malaysian PM Najib Razak confirmed that the debris “is very likely to be from a Boeing 777″, however he said that the authorities were yet to ascertain if it is from flight MH370. “At this stage it is too early to speculate,” PM Najib said in a statement.

Malaysian PM added that debris will be “shipped by French authorities to Toulouse, site of the nearest office of the BEA, the French authority responsible for civil aviation accident investigations”.

Talking to the reporters, Australian Minister Warren Truss said that the authorities were almost certain that the 2 metre-long wreckage found on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion was a part called ‘flaperon’ from the wing of a Boeing 777.

Investigators are confident the 2-metre long piece of wreckage appears to be wing flap from a Boeing 777 and as MH370 is only such plane missing since last one and half years, the debris holds great importance.

Australian authorities are meanwhile examining the debris and Truss added that a number imprinted on the debris may help speed up the identification process.

While the number may not be a serial or registration number, Mr Truss said it may be a maintenance number, which could speed up identification of the part.

Truss said while Australian authorities were assisting, Malaysian and French teams would take the lead in this part of the MH370 investigation as Reunion is a French territory.

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