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UGC formulates uniform norms for 19 UG courses

Education NewsGuidelines formulated for adoption of uniform CBCS are in public domain and the apex higher education regulatory body has asked all stakeholders, including students, to give their feedback so that they can be put up before the expert committee for consideration for finalizing syllabus.

Public relation officer, DAVV, Prof MS Parmar said, “There are 19 BA and BSc courses for which uniform CBCS has been formulated. Syllabi have been prepared for these courses as per guidelines for minimum course curriculum for UGC courses under CBCS. We will be sending feedback to the commission and have also asked students to do the same.”

UGC in its communique to universities stated: “Numerous measures to enhance efficiency and excellence in the higher education system in the country have been taken up. Reforms undertaken have led to noticeable improvement in standards of education. However, due to diversity of evaluation system followed by different universities in India, students have suffered acceptance of their credentials, at times, across the university system, as well as the employment agencies.”

It further said, to mitigate this procedure, guidelines for adoption of uniform CBCS have been formulated. Credits earned by students can be transferred and would be of great value to the students in the event of their seeking migration from one institution to the other.

Source: The Times of India

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