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6 Indian students win Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Education NewsThey will begin their postgraduate courses at the University of Cambridge this October.The 54 successful candidates were selected from a total pool of 3,535 applicants on the basis of their intellectual ability, leadership capacity, academic fit with Cambridge, and their commitment to improving the lives of others.”We are delighted to have awarded Gates Cambridge Scholarships to 54 outstanding individuals from such a wide spread of countries and backgrounds.

“The Scholars are truly remarkable and inspiring individuals and showed at interview that they fit the mission of the Scholarship by their commitment to using their academic skills and leadership capacity to improve the lives of others, said Professor Barry Everitt, Provost (CEO) of the Gates Cambridge Trust.”We look forward to welcoming all 94 new Scholars to Cambridge in October and to seeing their future impact as Gates Cambridge Alumni,” Everitt said.

Six Indian selected for the Gates scholarship are Asiya Islam, Sridhar Rajan Jagannathan, Shraddha Kaur, Ananthanarayanan Kumar, Saba Sharma and Sneha Shashidhara, according to a release from the Cambridge University.Asiya Islam, will do a PhD in Sociology. Sridhar Rajan Jagannathan, who will do a PhD in Psychology. At Cambridge, he will be working on the entanglement between consciousness and attention.Shraddha Kaur, who will do a PhD in Psychology. She became interested in cognitive neuroscience as an undergraduate psychology student at Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi.Ananthanarayanan Kumar, who will do a PhD in Bio Science. He is interested in structural studies of molecular machines and their assembly are my primary research interest.Saba Sharma, who will do a PhD in Geography. Her PhD project will focus on studying the state in Assam, in Northeast India, from the perspective of recurring violence.

“With the increased understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the brain, it is clear that any breakthrough in this field comes only when all disciplines of science and humanities are integrated,” said Sneha Shashidhara, who will do a PhD in Biological Science.The 54 scholars chosen in the International selection round will join 40 new American Gates Cambridge Scholars who were selected after interviews in the USA in February.Gates Cambridge scholarship established by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000 and is awarded annually to the ‘world’s most brilliant’ scholars.

Source: The Times of India

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