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Want to Study Abroad! Think smart, Think Avanse!

Education News Due to the high costs of an overseas education, many students feel compelled to take up an education loan; however the process of getting the education loan is frequently so insurmountable, that the students drop the idea of studying in a foreign university. So the question is where to start.

The answer is a simple “Start with Smart” assessment of the options available to students.

The assessment invariably begins with checking the eligibility criteria for the education loan you are applying for. Comparison of rates, convenience and reliability are some of the factors that need to be focused on before approaching any particular finance provider. You can ask for a checklist from the loan provider to know about the eligibility criteria and most important terms and features of the education loan provided by the lender. Important tip- always apply for an insurance cover for the education loan to prepare yourself for any unforeseen or unavoidable financial or health related hardships or risk that may occur during the tenure of education loan

At Avanse, we completely believe in providing a stress free experience to students who wish to study abroad. Hence, we allow students to apply for a loan with us even before they have received confirmed admission to a course. To apply for the loan, we do not require the student to come to our branch offices, rather we send our representatives to meet with the applicants at a time and place of their convenience. We provide 100% finance for students who want to study in a foreign university, covering their entire cost of attendance including fees, living expenses, travel cost, insurance, books, laptop and study materials amongst others. Avanse education loans come with no margin money requirement and it also offers add-on benefits like discounts for etiquette training, telecom services, insurance, travel assistance and personality development training.

Even the education loan products at Avanse are smartly designed for the smart student—based on the student’s GRE or GMAT score, Avanse can customize the loan product and offer graded interest and best-in-class interest rates and loan amounts. Avanse is perhaps the only lender offering loans without collateral security for various STEM and Executive courses in select countries. A mix of secured or unsecured loans are available for other courses encompassing the Arts, Humanities, Management, Finance, Fine Arts, Health, Medical and a host of other faculties. What more, Avanse will even disburse the loan funds before student visa approval in cases where immigration norms mandate such measures.

Attractive features of Avanse’s Educational loans for students

  • Loan sanction letter or Disbursement letter before admission/visa that can be showed as a proof of availability of funds
  • No Margin money required, 100% financing options offered in education loans
  • Speedy loans sanction- Loan is sanctioned within 4days of application
  • No limit on maximum amount for financing your study abroad program
  • Convenient repayment options
  • Transparent process and also hassle free so that you do not worry about loan and concentrate on studies
  • Special client relationship manger can visit your home or office to work with you on fulfilling loan requirements. This doorstep service is free.
  • After loan disbursement, your education loan account with all its details is moved to online portal so you can manage your account seamlessly and stay informed
  • Certificate of availability of funds offered to students applying to US varsities
  • Avanse education loan covers all expenses related to pre-admission and education such as consultant charges, costs of Test Preps and admission applications, course fees, and living expenses

Be smart, Start Smart and let Avanse Education loan make your career aspirations come true.

Apply for Avanse Start with Smart Study Loans Here


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