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State collecting feedback on new SSC exam pattern

Education News Three sets of forms eliciting various views were circulated to the schools and teachers were asked to collect opinions from students, parents and subject teachers. The exercise is being conducted by the State Council of Education and Training (SCERT), Telangana. The study is being conducted from April 7.

In the two-page note (A) being circulated to parents, they were posed with 11 questions which included how the students wrote the examinations, in which subject he or she fared well, which subject was tough and why, what were the differences observed in the previous examination system and the present system and suggestions for improving the examination system.

Some 28 questions were posed in the four-page note (B) circulated to students. The questions varied from how they wrote examinations, in which subjects they fared well and why, why performance was poor in some subjects, whether they thought and wrote the examination or by memorising answers, in which subject they felt they were poor and their suggestions for preparing well.

In the third note (C) circulated to subject teachers 18 questions were posed to them. They were asked to explain how the students fared in the examinations, if not good then what were the reasons, what important changes they had observed in the examination pattern, compared with previous one, what was the stress being faced by the students and teachers, what were the suggestions in subject teaching and overall examination system.

The exercise is being conducted across the State for improving the newly-introduced system.

The collected forms from the schools would be forwarded to the higher officials who would go through them and understand the needed changes in the system, if any, A. Rajeswara Rao, District Education Officer (DEO) said.

Source: The Hindu

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