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Android in March: Lollipop inches past 5 percent

Another month has passed and the statistics are out for the Android versions distribution. The data is gathered over a seven day period prior to the release and the chart is based on the number of the devices that have visited the Google Play Store over that time span.

With manufacturers gradually ramping up Lollipop builds for their smartphones, it’s no wonder that Android 5.0 has reached a 5-percent market share. Even the latest 5.1 installment has made it to the chart, albeit at a tiny 0.4%.

Meanwhile KitKat still holds the largest share at 41.4%, an increase by 0.5 points over last months’ figures. It’s at the expense of previous Jelly Bean builds – some manufacturers are still rolling out KitKat updates for those.

Older releases of Google’s OS are still going strong with both Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread ahead of Lollipop in terms of popularity. The oldest OS version, still compatible with the current Play Store App – 2.2 Froyo – gets the same share as the latest 5.1 iteration.


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