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The Apple Watch will be available for in-store pickup at launch

The Apple Watch is now inching toward its release date and excitement is at an all-time high. The Cupertino tech giant has set preorders for its smart wearable for April 10 and the first batch of units should be made available to eager consumers on April 24.

The aforementioned set of dates has been known for quite some time now, but there has been a lot of speculation regarding the way distributing the devices will be handled.

Today, some light has been shed on the issue and it turns out, customers will, in fact, be given the option to pick up their devices from a physical retail store on launch date, as well as, to have them delivered. This, however, does not remove the need for preorder, on the contrary. As we mentioned in a previous article, Apple is expecting a huge amount of interest, especially for the first wave of devices, and consequently, they won’t be sold to walk-in customers at all, at least until things calm down.

Anyone who want to purchase one as soon as possible, after the April 24 launch date, that is, has to preorder online, or, at least register for a try-on session. Registering before going into the store on the said date seems to obligatory if you want to be among the first to own the gadget. The try-ons will be held at select stores and will start on April 10, but, if you sign up for one on April 24 you could theoretically buy the watch after you get to see it, but availability is still not guaranteed.

This is a little confusing and will surely lead to even bigger camping lines in front of store, than at usual Apple device launches and ordering your device online with free delivery really seems like the smarter way to go, at least on paper.

Bear in mind that if you have opted to spend an inordinate amount of money and get yourself a Watch Edition then your experience will most likely differ. One of the many perks premium Apple Watch shoppers will get is a one hour, private try-on session, as opposed to a 15 minute one at a booth. And we assume supplies won’t shift so fast for a $ 10,000 unit, so you are quite safe.

As for the majority of users, who will opt for the slightly less-horribly overpriced steel and sport versions, you might have to show some patience. And if you are still struggling with the purchase decision, perhaps our editorial on the subject can help you make up your mind. We have also prepared a comprehensive overview of the pricing on the models, as well as the elite ones.

Will you be standing in line for the Apple Watch come April 24 or do you have other plans? Tell us in the comment section below.


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