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Sony Cosmos rumored to launch as Xperia C4

Two new images of a selfie-centric Sony Xperia smartphone, dubbed Sony Cosmos leaked recently and now we got some extra info on the device.

As per the upleaks Twitter account, the Sony Cosmos will be introduced as the Xperia C4. It does make sense since the Xperia C3 smartphone was introduced last year in July. This Xperia C series smartphone is expected to arrive with 4G LTE network support. Based on the Xperia C3 hardware, the new Xperia C4 will bring incremental updates.

The Xperia C4 will arrive with Android 5.0 Lollipop with Sony’s lightweight custom UI on top of it. Unfortunately this is where the available info at this stage ends – nothing on the other specs, pricing or availability has been confirmed yet.

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