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Uniform Education Policy on Anvil for All TS Varsities

Education News According to a recent proposal of the department of education, the process of appointments will be finished by July so that the new reforms in higher education like choice-based credit system (CBCS) can be implemented properly.

Currently, all the state universities have a huge shortage of staff. According to the data with the Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE), nearly 50 percent of the non-teaching posts are vacant in the universities. And, 1,200 out of 2,500 teaching posts are lying vacant. If the vacant posts in other government colleges are included, the number of vacant posts will be much higher.

However, the government is planning to begin the recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff only after appointing vice-chancellors to the universities. Except Satavahana and Palamuru universities, the other universities do not have regular VCs and are being administered by the registrars.

TSCHE chairman T Papi Reddy said, “Once the VCs are appointed, the recruitment of other posts will be easier. The government is planning to frame a uniform education policy where all the universities have to follow similar norms for academics and development. A new system will also be introduced to evaluate the performance of universities and other academic institutes. The annual funding for the institutes will be based on the performance.”

He said the process of recruitment of teachers was likely to see a few changes. Unlike in the earlier system, research projects and field experience will be given weightage during selection. Quality of education in the state universities had been a major concern for a long time and the government was trying to attract skilled faculty from other states as well, Papi Reddy said.

Source: The New Indian Express

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