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Oppo N1 gets official Cyanogen CM11S ROM

Oppo N1 was launched in 2013 with an innovative rotating camera lens, top-notch hardware and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS skinned with Oppo’s Color launcher.

The N1 was also the first phone to receive an official Cyanogen treatment as a collaboration with Cyanogen and Oppo. You are able to choose between the CM10.2 ROM based on the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or the default Color OS by Oppo. You can switch any time you want.

Today, almost year and a half later Cyanogen continues to support the Oppo N1 and launched an official CM11S (KitKat-based) ROM. The highlights of the new ROM are the support for the O-Touch panel and O-Click remote, plus some default Oppo apps, which makes the CM-skinned Android look closet to the Oppo’s Color OS.

If you have a Cyanogen-running Oppo N1 or want to switch to Cyanogen Mod now, you can follow the source link below and get the update file. Here is hoping Cyanogen sweetens the Oppo N1 with a Lollipop-treatment later this year with a CM12 ROM.



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