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Millennial women outpace men in college, workforce

Education NewsPew analysed data from the US Census Bureau’s current population survey, and found that about 27% of women aged 18 to 33 years old hold at least a bachelor’s degree.

Among millennial men, 21% do. The difference is even starker compared to women in the so-called “silent generation,” people who are 69 to 86 years old: 20% of them hold at least a bachelor’s degree. It’s not just that young women are graduating college in higher numbers than men; their educational gains have also come at a much faster rate. In the 60s, only 7% of women earned a bachelor’s degree by the time they were 33, as compared to 12% of young men. Three generations later, women are 20% more likely to graduate college — and men only nine percent more likely.

“The educational trajectory of young women across the generations has been especially steep,” Pew’s Eileen Patten and Richard Fry wrote. Millennial women have also been making rapid gains in the workforce. While the rate of young women working is still 5% lower than men, the share of women in the workforce has jumped by 28% since the silent generation. For men, it has fallen 10%.

Source: The Economic Times

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