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CBSE schools dump the junk food

Education NewsThe Board has made it clear to schools that foods high in fat and sugar like wafers, fried foods, and sugar sweetened beverages should be restricted in schools and nearby areas.

Lauding the move, Simi Nagi, principal of Pallavi Model School, said, “We have been insisting on children getting home-cooked food. Chips are particularly a no-no in school. Yet there are times when we find sandwiches, burgers and French fries finding their way into meals. After three warnings, if it still continues, parents are called and they are explained the harmful effects of these foods.”

With the rising incidence of obesity in children, these days quite a few assembly sessions in schools deal with issues of nutritional food and a well-balanced diet.

Senior teacher Namita Yadav said, “We are asking parents to make the food interesting for their children. Hence making chapatis in different shapes or stuffed parathas in geometric sizes will interest children and they will develop the right taste buds.”

In some schools, parents are asked to make traditional lunches for children. There are some schools in RTC Colony, Trimulgherry, Alwal and also in Kompally, which have picked up this trend. The food items are mostly divided between two to three parents and on special occasions they arrange these lunches.

Parent Razia Jaorawala, said, “I find it very good, especially for children in primary section. They get to taste different kinds of traditional foods and their taste buds are accepting a variety of foods and adapting to it.”

Junk foods are mostly seen on TV and also on pamphlets and hoardings, making children yearn for them. School counsellor Suzzane Dias explained, “Lecturing small children does not help as they will not be able to understand. We have to work in the other direction by making them first adapt to healthy and balanced diets. Developing the right taste buds is an important challenge for children while parents have to understand that easy options are harming their children in the long run.”

Source: Deccan Chronicle


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