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New Syllabus Likely from Next Year in AP, Telangana

Education NewsThe AP State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) has reportedly decided to revise the undergraduate course syllabus in the state by eliminating Telangana-related lessons. APSCHE chairman Prof L Venugopal Reddy said, “State universities in AP will have new syllabus from next academic year. Soon we will finalise further plans to design it.” In both states, the core subjects of science and technology will be continued with minor updates while arts subjects, including languages and social sciences, will be altered by adding local elements.

As already announced, the Telangana government would add the history and culture of the state in the curriculum, with focus on the statehood movement since 1969.

Both the states are currently busy preparing the new syllabus, but the Telangana State Council for Higher Education (TSCEH) is ahead of AP as it has already finalised the syllabus for two subjects. The syllabus committees formed recently by the Telangana government are likely to submit their reports by April end. AP, however, is yet to form its syllabus review committees.

LV Reddy said the process would begin by end of April. TSCHE vice-chairman Prof S Mallesh said once the syllabus committee reports were submitted they would be sent to all the state universities for further examination by May. The government was planning to introduce the new syllabus from the coming academic year, he added.

The Telangana government, which was of the view that Telugu literature syllabus was dominated by poets from AP, would include literary works by Telangana poets in the new curriculum. The folk songs of Telangana, local art and local festivals would be studied in higher education. Sociology, public administration, economics, polity and geography would undergo major changes, TSCHE officials said.

Local Flavour in the Classroom

  • New syllabus likely in both state from next academic year
  • Changes to be made mainly in languages and social science subjects
  • Both States to give priority to local history, culture and arts
  • Lessons specific to the other state to be removed
  • Syllabus committees already formed in Telangana, reports likely by April-end
  • AP to form syllabus committees by end of April

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