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A.P & Japan Collaboration – A Big Boon for Students

Education Newsbut also a major unidentified damage done to the student community as job opportunities in the new state of A.P left void. In the process of reconstruction of state many efforts have been taking place. On such step is one day seminar on “Expanding Technology Cooperation for Smart Community in Andhra Pradesh”, dated 6-03-201.

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in association with The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Government of Japan, Government of Andhra Pradesh, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEE) organized seminar with 30 Japanese delegates and 100 participants from Japanese investors.

Impulse Raise in Job Opportunities….
Lot of Japanese industries have shown interest in establishing manufacturing industries, which will be a booster to the economy of the state. Apart from this, there is going to be raise in job opportunities for young talent pool.

In first step towards explicating the trade opportunities, Mr. Hiroshi Kuniyoshi, mentioned that Government of Japan signed a ‘MoU for Energy Cooperation’ with Andhra Pradesh government, during the Chief Minister’s visit to Japan in November 2014. Need for energy in the world has been escalating exponentially by time, in specific India expected to the 3rd highest usage of energy. As per a report by KPMG, India’s power consumption which is currently at 600TWh annually is set to double by 2020 and Indian government is expecting to generate 100 GW of solar capacity by 2022. In concern to this more than a lakh of job openings are expected to come in the coming years in the energy sector.

Even Mr. Ken Sasaji, Executive Director, Ministry of Economy, when asked about the opportunities for the young talent in Andhra Pradesh, he stated that: “this path breaking move of both governments in terms of trade in the globalized world. Electronics manufacturing industries and defense cooperation that are expected to come reality. This move is going to provide a great amount of jobs for the local talent, thus enhancing the living standards of a citizen. “

Even Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu, C.M, A.P, said that more manufacturing industries and IT are to grace A.P, which will raise greater job opportunities for the students and also ensured that there is immense ambit for young entrepreneurs to take part in A.P. reconstruction.

A.P Skill Development Major prospect in our vision: Mr. Naidu, C.M, A.P
Mr. Naidu, C.M, A.P, when asked his explanation on: the NASSCOM report that 25% of the graduates areas are only employable and during his tenure before state division has allowed to open nearly 500 engineering colleges of which 50% of the colleges doesn’t have even minimum standards because of which more number of graduates with least quality were generated, which further increased unemployment.

Mr. Naidu replied that this time skill development has key aspect of their vision – they are to have skill imparting training skills which includes industrial training as well as employment skills so that they will be fully equipped to secure job. He also assured that there is going to be Industry -Institution collaboration which acts as a bridging element to clear the void existing between the industry and student.

Also Mr. Naidu said that they are going to establish incubation centers to incubate student ideas by giving them necessary support to bring their innovative ideas in to reality.

Even Mr. Ken Sasaji, Executive Director, Ministry of Economy added that they are going to collaborate with the local institutions in training the students in terms of skill development at global standards and provide them employment opportunities to the local talent pool.


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