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First junior college to have live botany lab

Education NewsThe college is housed in a sprawling campus in Nadergul, Hyderabad with a futuristic view. It has established Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories. Additionally, the college is going to have a garden within the campus that has the plants relevant to subject of Botany at Intermediate level. While teaching Botany, the students will be explained about each plant and its growth within the limits of the syllabus. Dr. Rao added.

It is pathetic that many students at intermediate level do not have reasonable facilities in their junior colleges even for physics and chemistry, not to speak of life sciences. In many junior colleges, the students do not have reasonable facilities for sports, games, extra and co-curricular activities as required by the Government Dr. Rao lamented. ‘We are happy that we are able to provide the students with all the modern facilities of learning in a congenial learning environment’ Dr. Rao informed. ‘While contributing to the state’s mission of planting more trees, the college will make these plants available for the students to study and equip themselves with practical knowledge at intermediate level. Dr. Rao explained.

Source:The Hans India

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