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World will be safer when largest, oldest democracies stand together: President Obama

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday shared his belief that the world will be a safer and more secure when its largest and oldest democracies, namely India and the US, stand together, acknowledging that the Indian diaspora in America has helped the two nations reaffirm their bond.

“Our nations will be more secure and the world will be safer, a more just place when our two democracies, world’s largest democracies, world’s oldest democracies stand together,” President Obama said, while addressing a gathering at the Siri Fort auditorium in the national capital.

“They [Indian-Americans] make America stronger, tie us together… India and United States are not just natural partners, I believe America can be India’s best partner. Of course only Indians can decide India’s role in the world, but I am here because I am absolutely convinced that both our people will have more jobs and opportunity,” he added.

Listing some of the ways in which India and the US have decided to cooperate, President Obama stated that the values that both nation share will result in the bonding of the two.

“I and Prime Minister Modi have begun anew… America wants to be a partner as you lift up the lives of the Indian people and provide greater opportunity. So, working together by giving farmers new techniques and data, from our satellite to their cell phones, they increase yields and boost incomes,” he said.

“My confidence in what we can achieve together is rooted in the values we share. For we may have different histories, and speak different languages, but when we look at each other we see a reflection of ourselves,” he added.

Referring to the technological advances made by both nations, President Obama further stated that in partnership, India and the US can ‘unlock’ new discoveries.

“Our society celebrates knowledge and innovation; we transformed ourselves in hi-tech hubs of global economy. Together, we can unlock new discoveries, from the particles of creation to outer space,” he said.

“We are among the few nations to have gone both to the Moon and to Mars. And, here in India, this dynamism has resulted in this stunning achievement. You have lifted countless millions from poverty and built world’s largest middle classes,” he added.

President Obama, who was on a three-day visit of India, concludes his trip later in the day. During the trip, he became the first US president to attend the Republic Day celebrations and the first president to visit India twice while still in office.


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