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Xiaomi Mi Note, Mi Note Pro priced for international orders

Xiaomi made its new Mi Note and Mi Note Pro phablets official just yesterday, at a special event. During that we were told how much they would cost in China, but so far we’ve had no idea what to expect internationally.

See, like its previous high-end devices, Xiaomi’s Mi Note and Mi Note Pro will be released in China first, at the end of this month. That said, it’s unclear when the company will offer them elsewhere.

And even when it does, it will only sell them in the handful of Asian countries in which it’s already established a presence. If you live anywhere else and want a Xiaomi phone, you have to resort to resellers – online stores which buy the wares from China and then ship them to you.

One of these companies, Oppomart (no relation with Oppo despite the name), has thankfully already priced the two new Xiaomi phablets for international orders. And while sometimes we see quite a markup when we compare reseller prices to official Chinese levels, that’s not entirely true this time around.

You’ll be able to buy a Mi Note for $ 399. That’s just $ 29 more than the $ 370 into which the handset’s official pricing of CNY 2,299 currently translates. The situation is slightly different for the Mi Note Pro. This will go for CNY 3,299 in China, which is about $ 531, while Oppomart will send you one for $ 599. So the markup is higher in this case, but you are buying a pretty expensive phone to begin with.

Keep in mind that shipping costs will have to be added to both of those amounts, and they probably vary based on where in the world you’re located. Also note that you can’t order the new phablets just yet. Expect to do that after the first flash sales conclude in China, so either at the end of January, or in early February.

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