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CBI under Anil Kumar Sinha set for an image makeover

The break from the old regime appears to be final. On January 1, the new Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Anil Sinha gave a 40-minutes “inspirational” speech to all CBI officials setting the direction for the next two years.

His predecessor Ranjit Sinha was dubbed a “caged parrot” of the government. Another predecessor has been charged with helping crony businessmen.

But Anil Sinha is on the path of an image make-over as well as scientific reordering of the CBI as an organization. The agency is drawing up a blueprint which will incorporate an Enterprise Risk Plan (ERP) programme – a forward-looking exercise often undertaken by CEOs of corporate houses to minimise the risk element.

All officers will be encouraged to do a SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis for the organization and their role in it.

Sinha confided to officers that he was reconciled to spending no time with his family at all over the next two years – and he’d told his family as much.

“The speech was impressive. He told all of us that the CBI should not be seen only as a premier investigative agency of the country but that of the world. We need to compete with the likes of agencies like FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and that is where he has set the new bar for the agency,” said an official, who was present at the meeting.

CBI was told to work fearlessly, to go into an investigation without a mindset and the ultimate motive should be to satisfy the courts.

This comes at a time when the agency under scrutiny in the courts in many high-profile cases. Its sleuths have already drawn criticism in the Sohrabuddin encounter case in which Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Amit Shah was discharged as an accused recently by the Bombay High Court. Even the duration of the CBI counsel’s argument in the court was a parameter in the judgment passed by critics.

Sources said CBI officials in Mumbai were examining the court’s order and Sinha would be guided by his investigators in deciding whether an appeal should be filed. All eyes are on how the CBI proceeds in the Hindalco coal block case in which the agency is set to quiz former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the orders of the special court.

A special court had quashed the agency’s closure report in the case last month and ordered for examining Singh, who held additional charge of the coal ministry when the alleged scam took place, along with other former PMO officials.


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