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Should your online business cater to a worldwide audience?

Should your online business cater to a worldwide audience

Should your online business cater to a worldwide audience

Expanding your reach to a worldwide audience is usually the next step for a company that is successful on home turf. When it comes to a business that is online, it is vital to ensure that you are targeting potential customers both at home and abroad in order to enable your business to expand internationally.

The internet is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to reach a global audience, yet it is not always utilised in the best possible way.

Connect with your audience

On general, consumers are more likely to spend time on a website and connect with a brand if the content is in their native language. A language service provider can guide you through this process, helping to boost customer engagement and online exposure.

When UK payday loans provider Wonga decided to expand into Spain, it bought existing company Credito Pocket, rebranding their site. Wonga’s Spanish site is not only in Spanish, but it is also filled with localised content, making it instantly more memorable and easier for local customers to bond with and trust.

It is necessary to cater your content in order to target a variety of audiences worldwide. In order to truly develop a strategic marketing plan that will tap into the markets you want, you must do in depth analysis and planning, which needs to include multilingual search engine optimisation (MSEO) and social media to drive your global marketing efforts.

Indeed, using MSEO will instantly allow you to boost your online search rankings. People will search in their own language and having an insight into search terms in foreign languages will allow you to better cater to a wider audience.

For each of your target regions, it is important to research popular and appropriate search terms used by your target audience. These can then be incorporated into your webpages, digital marketing materials, pay-per-click ad campaigns and other online content, helping to increase brand awareness and driving more customers to your business. Test your MSEO strategy for every market group to ensure that it works the way you need it.

Use social media to your advantage

Your website is simply one facet of your online business. Social media both drives and creates traffic, and can be an invaluable tool when it comes to connecting with your target market. Posts on popular social websites such as Facebook and Google+ appear in web searches. If your business expands into multiple languages, this in turn will result in an increased level of visibility in online searches and on social media channels.

Find out which social networks are favoured by your target market. This is especially true if you plan to expand further afield, as popular Western social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook do not dominate in the East. It is important to invest in social media management which will allow for real-time responses to consumers in their native language. It is also necessary to research your target audience’s favoured content. Are they highly mobile? Does your website work well on a mobile device? Do they favour micro-blogging over video? Staying ahead of the trends and familiarising yourself with the best way to reach your target audience will guarantee your success.

Overall, a business’s online presence is something that is only going to grow in significance. If your business does not cater to a worldwide audience, you cannot hope to expand your reach.


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