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Haryana sisters thrash molester as passengers look on

An incident of two sisters courageously taking on a youth who was harassing them while other passengers in the bus remained mute spectators has come to light in Haryana’s Rohtak town, police officials said unday.

The brave girls, Aarti and Pooja, thrashed the youth even as they were themselves assaulted by him. The girls hit the youth with a belt and their hands and legs in the incident that took place last week.

The matter came to light after a woman travelling in the same state transport bus recorded the incident on her mobile phone.

Police, following a complaint by the girls, registered a case against the youth. No arrests have been made so far.

Other passengers in the bus, including the bus driver and conductor, did not come to rescue or help the two girls. The bus kept moving as the girls were being assaulted.

The sisters claimed that the bus stopped after some distance and the youth, and his accomplices, pushed them out of the bus and started hitting them.

One of the sisters then attacked the youth with a brick after which he fled from the spot.

The bus crew and other passengers neither helped the girls nor did they inform police.


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