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PM adopts Jayapur village, calls for end to female foeticide

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today pitched for ending the practice of female foeticide as he adopted Jayapur village in his Lok Sabha constituency.

Touching on a host of issues from potholed roads to female foeticide and the crumbling social structure, he regretted that condition of villages have not improved in the last 60 years and blamed policies formulated in Delhi and Lucknow for it.

He said “big people” in the last 60 years made such big talk that these could not be executed on ground.

“I, a small man, will bring about big things through my small talk,” he added.

Modi condemned the practice of female foeticide and said, “those who look upon the girl child as a liability should ponder as to how will mankind survive if we are left in a world with no women”.

“If we kill girl child in the mother’s womb, then what will happen to the world. If only 800 girls are born against 1000 boys, then 200 boys will remain unmarried. Will government do this job?,” he said addressing villagers as he asked them not to depend on government for everything.

“The Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana is an effort in that direction. It aims to empower villagers and provide them with opportunities to exercise these choices”, he said adopting the village under the MPs Model Village scheme.

“I am confident that our villagers have the ability to shape their own destiny through their own entrepreneurial skills and hard work”, the PM said.


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