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Mobile gaming going nuts in US

Mobile gaming going nuts in US

Mobile gaming going nuts in US

by  garryknight 

Mobile gaming revenues in the USA are already enormous at a figure believed to be around the $17.5 billion mark. But here’s the thing – they’re about to get a whole lot bigger according to industry researchers Newzoo. In fact, they’re expected to more than double over the next three years.

Meanwhile, other recent market research from Everyplay, which is the mobile-sharing part of the game engine maker Unity Technologies Company, reckons that just one per cent of mobile gamers are responsible for close to 30 per cent of all revenues in the industry. This report also suggests that this vital one per cent are the most likely gamers to spread the word about new games via either video sharing snippets or by word of mouth. These are the people who really make games take off in other words.

These kinds of stats and reports are vital to all those with a business interest in the mobile gaming industry. But it’s difficult to tell as things stand where the money is being spent. Most of the games topping the mobile gaming charts are things like Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans. But this is isn’t where the really serious money is – not yet anyway. So it seems likely that quite a few people in that one per cent club are playing in mobiles casinos like those of 888, 32Red and bgo.com. This is perhaps the most fiercely competitive of all sectors, exemplifies by their giving away of such generous free bonus cash intro offers etc. And numerous games from this specific sector including Free Slots, Bonus Chips, Poker, Blackjack, and Cards are usually in the upper echelons of the gaming charts

But what the industry will look like a few years’ hence is anyone’s guess in reality. Obviously, industry analysts need to provide the most accurate forecasts they possibly can based on what is known today. But there could be some new technology or a new game or maybe both that will sweep all such forecasts away. Look at what Apple has achieved, for example, since it launched the i-phone around eight years ago now. What would the forecast have been for future revenues there – and in what forms would that revenue arrive?

The visionaries of Silicon Valley like Steve Jobs and so many others seem to have this way of surprising us all, exciting consumers and confounding all industry analysts’ seriously minded projections.

And remember the afore-mentioned reports are just about the US market doubling; they take no account of the Asian market where the really big dollars lie. In fact, going back to industry researchers and analysts NewZoo again, another survey forecasts that mobile gaming revenues in SE Asia should grow at a compounded annual rate of 27.3% until 2016. The Newzoo report also reckons the Asia-Pacific region accounts for almost half the planet’s total mobile gaming revenue already. So there’s plenty to go at and the sky’s the limit for those companies getting it just right.


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