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Mobile e-shopping to cross $2 bn 2016 globally: Gartner

The News International Team

By year-end 2016, more than USD 2 billion online shopping will be performed exclusively by mobile digital assistants, says a Gartner study.

In its latest report, IT research firm Gartner has revealed its top predictions for IT organizations and users for 2015 and beyond. The predictions examine a shift in the age old relationships between man and machine due to the emergence of digital business.

“For some time now, there has been an ongoing shift in the roles machines play in our everyday lives,” said Daryl Plummer, vice president, Distinguished Analyst and Gartner Fellow, adding, “Machines are taking on more human characteristics in order to affect a more personalized relationship with human beings and we find ourselves contemplating a near-term future of a world in which machines and humans are co-workers, and possibly even co-dependents.”

According to its prediction, by year-end 2015, mobile digital assistants will have taken on tactical mundane processes such as filling out names, addresses and credit card information. Even fixed events such as grocery replenishment will be common and will build trust for “these type of assistants to take on more”, it says.

By year-end 2016, the Gartner study expects more complex purchase decisions such as back-to-school backpacks and chained events such as scheduling: a highly rated, date-type movie along with dinner and car pick up on an anniversary will be easily achievable.

It predicts yearly autonomous mobile assistant purchasing to reach USD 2 billion annually, representing about 2.5 percent of mobile users trusting assistants with USD 50 a year. “Digital assistants will be on multiple platforms, but mobile will be the most accessible, adopted device for digital assistants and will be the killer application by year-end 2016,” the report says.

By 2017, it expects the US customers’ mobile engagement behaviour to drive mobile commerce revenue (in US) to 50 percent of the country’s digital commerce revenue.

The increasingly powerful smartphones and tablets, and the correspondingly rich and powerful applications available for each, enable consumers and business customers to interact seamlessly with companies, content and commerce experiences at virtually all stages of the purchase process would be a possibility, the report says.

As device manufacturers and application developers improve usability and functionality and address users’ security concerns, devices will become even more of an essential tool for customers, the report adds.


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