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‘Love jihad’ a misnomer, far from reality, says AMU faculty

Sunni clerics and faculty members of Aligarh Muslim University have described the term ‘love jihad’ as a “misnomer” and an idea which has not even a trace of reality in Islam.

“The very idea of luring innocent girls by making false promises of any sort is not only held abhorrent in Islam but strictly forbidden. Anyone who indulges in such an act, offering any explanation, whatsoever, is doing grave injustice to Islam and we condemn it in the harshest terms.

“The term ‘love jihad’ is a misnomer and has no trace in Islam,” Chairman, Department of Sunni Theology, AMU, Mufti Zahid Ali Khan and Associate Professor M Saleem said in a joint statement issued here.

They said the manner in which some groups are raising this “non-existent” issue merely for polarising the society and gaining short term benefits was not good.

“The present ‘love jihad’ campaign by some radical Hindu organisations and political parties is the very dangerous and could play havoc with the country’s internal peace and integrity and should be condemned,” the statement said.

It said that it was unfortunate that state governments and the Centre have not taken necessary steps on the issue, which can destroy the social fabric and derail the country’s economic development programme.

Zahid said that if as alleged by leaders of some Hindu organisations, there were any cases of so called organised attempts to lure Hindu girls for the purpose of conversion, this should be brought to the notice of established Muslim religious organisations.

“It will then be our duty to punish and reprimand any person who indulges in such aberrant behavior,” he added.

Zahid said that the word ‘jihad’ was a very sacred word for the community and in its highest form, it means striving for spiritual uplift.

“It is also used for denoting a just struggle against the oppressor. This term is frequently being misused today by those who are fighting to take control over land or country and indulge in killing of innocent persons,” he said.

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