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Residents suffer as another ceasefire violation erupts in R S Pura

Local residents of the R. S Pura sector of Jammu and Kashmir took to hiding in bunkers as yet another ceasefire violation took place in the area last night.

A local resident, Nahar Singh, told ANI, “There has been heavy shelling here. I was standing at the centre of my home and was lying on a charpoy when a shell hit my leg. Later on I realized that I was bleeding. Only I have not been hit, some houses have been destroyed fully. It’s very difficult here.”

Another resident, Balvinder Singh, who was hiding in a bunker with his family, told ANI, “There is huge firing so we are hiding here. Government needs to do something and take us to a safe place. Continuous firing is going on that is why we are hiding here.”

This is the fifth consecutive ceasefire violation by Pakistan since Monday. The firing has instilled fear among the villagers who are also complaining that the government is not helping them.

Sohan Lal, a local, explained, “Since three-four days situation is very bad. We reached in bunker also with a lot of difficulty because we have kids also. The government is not doing anything.”

Another local resident said that the whole village was suffering badly, “It’s very bad situation. Today everyone is very frightened be it kids or senior people. There is no electricity either. Kids are crying. There is a lot of difficulty. The firing started at 12 at night.


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