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Naidu accuses Congress of stalling growth

Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Friday said the Congress was blocking development.

The Congress was stalling the passage of the growth-oriented insurance amendment Bill, he said, and this amounted to negative politics and blocking development.

“The sense of dejection, desperation and frustration of the Congress seems to be mounting each day, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is winning the hearts of the people of our country by his words and deeds. Perhaps, the Congress has come to believe that there is no hope for it,” Naidu told reporters here.

The Congress was in trouble, he said. “But that is no justification to insult the wisdom of the people of this country by saying that they can’t be sold fake dreams and can be trapped.”

Naidu claimed the Congress had run out of ideas, as they have lost sight of the realities and the aspirations of the people.

The Modi-led government needed a majority in the Rajya Sabha and this will be possible only if people, who overwhelmingly voted for the BJP and its allies in the general elections, voted the party to power in the Assembly polls in Maharashtra, Haryana and Jammu & Kashmir.

“One vote for BJP and its allies in the Assembly polls will give the twin benefits of having state governments led by the BJP or an NDA coalition and strengthen the hands of Modi through a majority in the Rajya Sabha,” he added.


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